coming soon enough

if i can get some money will be made. stiffstick is a unicycle seatpost i invented for people that have torker or kh seat and seatposts
it reinforces the seat without carbon fibre or stiffner plates it simply replaces your old seatpost.

sounds good…
how much are they?

havent exactly come up with a price but i will pprobobly be around 45-50

are these gonna be the ones you make yourself or are they strictly a mod that you do…my 2 cents make them yourself rather than just doing the mod.

I agree. By the time you buy a post then pay you $50 to mod it you could have almost bought a thomposon post which is lighter and won’t die.

make them my self

Bring some to Moab, you might sell some there. I might want a 27.2 one for my muni so I can have a seat on my muni and trials at the same time :astonished:

Oh and are you going to paint them? If you are how are you doing it? Powder coat, spray paint…

i was thinkin about it if i can get some money together to build them