Coming back from injury

I broke my ankle a few months back (fractured my fibula) and am now just getting into some short road bicycle rides to build it up. I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar injury and how long they waited to get back into riding uni? I have a 29" muni and whilst I obviously don’t plan on going off road straight away I’d like to get back out for some short road rides but I don’t want to jump in too soon.

I broke the same bone. I was put in a walking cast. 4 days later I was on my bicycle. 18 days later I was on my unicycle. I wore ankle brace (ace bandage) also i had an air cast on it and high top work boots. I made sure when I dismounted I landed on the other foot. All went well… The doctor did not like this however. I am 58 years old and I know my body a little better than my 30 year old doctor.

Mike A.

Try it and see. That’s the only advice I can give you. Aim for going around the block and see how everything feels.

I fell hard on my a$$ ten days ago and did “something” to the muscles in my lower back. Tried unicycling yesterday for the first time since and going down the road on the flat was fine, any upd or major swerve of the tire my back muscles would lock up and I couldn’t hold it. Super minor UPD’s where I landed on my feet hurt and couldn’t bend down and grab the unicycle, had to let it clatter every time.

Personal consensus, while everything felt fine when everything was going perfectly, it hurt too much if anything went even minorly wrong, so I’m giving it another day or two.

I haven’t had that exact injury, but I rehabbed my left knee after getting hit by a car (on a bke) and within a few months did my first 100 miler (on a bke). I focused more on rocking rather than riding as my rehab mode. I figured that the rocking back and forth was working all those little muscles in my knee, and I’ll be damned it worked.

Added bonus, I’m waaay better at rocking! Rocking also has less chance of unexpected crashing or ankle twisting vs riding.

Well I’ve been out and about and survived. Had a few trips out on my road bike just to steadily break myself in but whilst that was getting a few bits swapped I decided to use my muni for the school run with my lad. Not a particularly long ride, only a 3 mile round trip, but it is basically 1.5 miles straight downhill so I took it very steadily. Managed it 3 days in a row but I’ve had a couple of days off as my leg and ankle have been aching, I don’t think I overdid it just down to a lack of use. Also my aircast ankle support arrived yesterday which should make a difference!
Starting to feel a lot more confident than I was before the accident riding distance and competing with traffic/crossing roads/etc…