Comfortable saddles

I have a Sun Classic 20" and had a lot of pain from the saddle starting out. I realized that if I move forward a bit on it and sit more back (on my pelvic bones) it helped reduce the pain. But now that I’m working on freemounting the discomfort is back. Is this common starting out and will likely go away once I get the free mount technique or should I look to get a new saddle?

The older Sun saddles are pretty basic, and generally uncomfortable. If I remember right they are fairly small, and more suited to kids than adults.

A new saddle would be more comfortable, but just about all of them will require some time riding before you get used to it. For years the KH Fusion Free Ride was the choice for comfort, but in recent years slim, flat saddles have become available. With so many choices you are bound to find something that you like more. If you have a uni club in your area you might want to go to a meeting, and see what’s available. Maybe even try out different models to see what fits your situation best. Then you will know what to buy.

I have a Fusion Street on my road uni, and I like it very much. A Fusion Freeride on my Muni, and another Fusion Street on my 20".

Saddle choice is really a personal decision.

A flattened Fusion Freeride

Thanks for the replies. There aren’t any clubs around me. The fusion freeride looks nice but I’d love to try before spending ~$75 (about what I paid for my current unicycle). Maybe I’ll just wait to see how things go

You can buy a unicycle for more than 1000$ if you want, but without a good saddle you won’t ride it.

The saddle is one of you key components of the unicycle. And the better the seat, the longer you can ride and the more fun you have riding. Fun and endourance are two key elements in learning to unicycle and getting better at it.

Also, if you get a nice saddle you can move it to a better uni when you eventually upgrade. Used saddles can be had as well, and the Trading Post Forum is a good resource.

Most unicyclist that have been riding awhile have a closet full of spare parts including saddles, so depending on where you live you may be able to find freebie donor saddle from a local rider. If your anywhere in Sacramento I have a brand new Nimbus gel you can have.

Someone on here PM me and is sending me a new saddle (Nimbus Gel) for free including shipping :slight_smile: Super nice of him to do that and I’ll look to pay it forward.

I agree. My only concern about buying a saddle for $100 without ever trying it, is that it wouldn’t fit/feel as great as I hoped or I’d want to switch to something different a short time later. Once I get a better feel for everything in a couple months (I’m only about 15 hours in), I may upgrade the entire uni – or get a 24" and spend more $ on it.

I ride bikes and when I upgraded my road bike saddle, I had my sit bones measured and demoed saddles before buying. But I also trust the opinions on here and if everyone recommended the same saddle I would believe that was the best one.

Saddle prices here range from 20 € to 70 €.
And i am sure even the 20€ saddle will be more comfortable. Maybe you need a seatpost with that as well, price range here is 9€ to 30€, 9 should be okay, no need for adjustable angle on your first uni. so for maybe 30€ you can make your life a lot easier and unicycling much more fun.

Or have you already changed the saddle?



Yeah, I wish there were local shops that carried unicycles and parts, but that just ain’t gonna happen. It would be great to at least look at some of these products in person before you buy them.

I had hope at one time. I was told that the Richardson Bike Mart in the Dallas area is awesome, but when I went to check it out a few months ago, it was a big letdown. I went in there hoping to make a purchase, practically with my wallet open. Even though the store was deserted, no one would talk to me (was it my deodorant?), and they only had one unicycle in stock, a beat up 24" Torker muni (Torker makes a muni?) they were selling as new, and it was overpriced. It seemed pretty clear that unless I was willing to drop at least $5k on a new bike, they didn’t want to waste their breath. I left and don’t plan to return.

It’s tough to buy things online that have to fit right, especially saddles. I understand that it’s tough for brick and mortar retail store to compete with on-line stores, but I wish in cases where a good fit is critical there was a better solution.

Well, at least you get to try a saddle for free! Lucky! :stuck_out_tongue: There are probably better saddles, but the Nimbus Gel seems to be a great, all-around saddle. I have two, and I love 'em. I’m sure it will be a big improvement over whatever you have now.