Comfortable saddle

I’m just looking for a saddle that’s comfortable, because my saddle now SUCKS. I’ve read that KH freerides are good, but as long as it’s comfy, I’d be so happy. I’m located in New York. Email me if you have an old comfy saddle and were willing to sell it for a fair price. Thanks!


Everyone wants one

Many think a comfy saddle exists! Don’t be fooled, longer time in the saddle will prove that all saddles eventually are a pain in the butt.

I find that my saddle is most comfortable when I’m not sitting on it, which is why I like riding muni :slight_smile:

The KH Freeride is the mostly padded and has a nice channel down the center with a breathable cover. I tend to prefer something a little narrower, so I trim down the foam.

So, what saddle do you have now? Maybe it could be remodeled?

There is a KH Fusion on eBay for $20 (at the moment) plus $7 shipping it’s not mine I was just searching Kris Holm, not sure of the age or anything. Might be worth investigating.