everyday i go unicycling i get a pretty bad rash on my inner thigh from the front of the seat… what do you guys do about this problem

Biking shorts help a lot.

the more you ride, the less of that you’ll see.

thinner seat… viscount with a kh fusion cover is pretty good for that… worked well for me… or just get used to it… it stops after a while anyway

I haven’t been riding for too long, and i don’t know what kind of riding you do, but when I practice, if I do it in many short sessions, instead of one long one, that seems to help a lot. I haven’t tried biking shorts yet, but many people say they help.

yeah i used to hav that problem so much that it put me off riding the next day, coz i couldnt even think about stickin a uni inbetween my legs agen lol!

So i got bike shorts with a little bit of padding on the inner thigh, they helped a little bit, but the rubbing usually comes back pretty soon afterwards, but now that i have been riding for alot longer now, i dont get sore thighs from the uni anymore, i guess my legs are used to it.

But i was thinkin bout getting a pair of the Koxx riding shorts, they look like they would help alot!!! I think they r being sold thru UDC