Comfort Riding

I have been riding for a few years now on a 26 with a front handle and am getting into more distance riding. I will be moving into a 36er soon. I am just looking for advice on equipment, style, and technique. I own spandex which helped with chafing but am still looking for more comfort. I try to have good posture on my uni and to use my handle to take some weight off my ass. Any ideas from experienced riding to make my ride more comfy would be great. Question for the guys I road 2 miles non stop last night and when I got of my junk was asleep lol never had that happen in my life (please tell me it has happened to you before and im not weird) and id rather it didnt happen again any ideas on seats or equipment or anything that could help me be a better rider would be great thanks.

What is your current saddle? Can you identify it?

It says its a justek? My unicycle that it came with is a torker unistar lx 26 in.

I’ve seen people recommend getting a KH Freeride saddle on this board quite often. I was even told as much in response to my first post after joining up with the site. I’ve got one now, and I have to say that they are indeed better than what I was using.

I had the seat that came with a schwinn, a hard gel deal that I used for years. After about a decade of letting myself go I finally woke up and remembered how much fun my old unicycle was. For the first week or two after coming back I experienced a sharp pain where the seat makes contact. After two weeks the pain only lasted a few minutes immediately after my first mount. A week or so later and I had grown numb to it again, with the seat only becoming uncomfortable after about 90 minutes in the saddle (with brief breaks), but after those 90 minutes I really didn’t want to be on the unicycle much longer. Chafing was also an issue.

I picked up a used muni with a KH Freeride, I was ready to see whether it deserved all the hype. It’s hard to tell, since the muni is still new to me, but so far sitting on it compared to my old seat is night and day. It didn’t even feel like I was riding a unicycle at all. The chaffing problem was even significantly reduced. I’ve been on a 90 minute ride and I felt like I could have kept going had my legs and heart kept up.

Now some of that may be due to me already having been “deadened” by my old seat. There is that. Plus I notice that the pressure points where discomfort sets in on the KH Freeride have shifted a bit, but by and large it’s a much better seat and the discomfort isn’t nearly what it was with my schwinn gel.

Maybe that’s a place to start.

+1 for getting a better saddle. KH Freeride is my favorite.

Another thing to consider, especially for distance riding, is to get seatpost/saddle attachment that allows you to apply tilt to the saddle. It’s amazing what a difference angling the saddle up or down just a few degrees makes. The newer KH seatposts allow one to adjust the saddle pitch angle.

You mentioned spandex, but not whether you have actual bike shorts. Padded bike shorts are, to me, the foundation for comfortable riding. Without those, the other stuff is less effective.

For saddle brands/types, it’s a personal choice. I also like the KH Freeride, or the Nimbus Gel. Both work great for me. Pretty much any variation of KH saddle (or variant), regardless of what year, is better than pretty much anything else.

I agree that padded bike shorts are great. I wear them under light shorts, which seems to help. I like the KH freerider seats. I would recommend handle bars of some type. I do not put much weight on them, but I can put a little weight on my hands and that shifts the angle of the seat enough to increase my comfort. (Basically I can roll the weight further back on my sit bones, which is more comfortable, at least as a change of position.)

I think one factor is just getting used to putting time in the saddle.


Thanks all of that was very helpful I knew I needed padded shorts and I agree a new saddle would help I def have some bad pressure points on it. If anyone knows about any used 36ers for less $$$ than new I am in the market for it.