Comercial: Bear Naked Granola
various vid clips (not the commercial)
I was watching “Haven” yesterday on and saw the commercial :sunglasses: . There were two short Muni clips (~2 seconds each) along w/ a bunch of other stuff, including parkour and BMX.

On their Facebook account they have a vid section but I can’t seem to open any :thinking:

I also couldn’t find any of their commercials on youtube.

It was me. Here’s the original commercial that was on tv:

I didn’t know about that new ad though, that’s cool. I wonder if they’ll use any of the other footage we got, some of it was cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this what you saw?

Thanks Spencer. Both my Mac and PC couldnt watch the videos on their website.

Brief, but nicely done. Its good to see valid examples of our sport.

Yeah, I think that’s it :sunglasses: . The parkour and Muni clips are the same. I’m not positive about some of the stuff at the end.

where can i buy a “stoke meter”