Comebacks Part 2

Comebacks 2

These comments and responses were submitted by Kit Summers, author of the book
JUGGLING WITH FINESSE, back in '81 or '82:

  1.  What happened to the other half of your bicycle?
     - So far I've only mastered one half.
     - It got hit by a car and destroyed.
     - My dog's riding it.
     - Oh, I'm missing some?
  2.  Hey you lost a wheel.
     - No, I found one.
     - No, I lost 3.
     - No, I lost a car.
     - No, I lost my mind.
     - No, it's right underneath me.
     - I could only afford one wheel.
     - Yes, I did.
     - Oh, am I missing some?
  3.  Where's your handlebars?
     - On my bicycle.
     - Where's your steering wheel?
     - On my skateboard.
     - I use them to drive my car.
  4.  How do you ride that?
     - Carefully, how do you walk?
     - How do I ride what?
     - Using my legs.
     - Usually with my hands, but not right now.
  5.  I can do that!
     - Oh.
     - You can do what?
     - And I can walk, just like you.
  6.  Do a wheelie!
     - (stop and do some hopping)
     - Roll over!
     - I am.
  7.  (when pushing your unicycle) Can you ride that?
     - No, I'm taking it for a walk.
     - Ride what?
     - I've had to have one of these since my operation.
  8.  (for tall unicycle) How's the weather up there?
     - Snowing.
     - Made of oxygen.
     - Up where?
  9.  How do you get down?
     - An escalator.
     - An elevator.
     - I have a parachute.
     - Down where?
     - Well, I'd rather not discuss my personal life right now.

John Foss, President International Unicycling Federation