Comeback at age 60

I’m making a unicycle comeback at age 60. I last rode 10 years ago when I thought it was time to call it a day and gave my unicycle away. Up until then I had been riding since I was 10 years old and did a paper route with the canvas deliveriy bags over my shoulders. Now, in the the years I’ve not owned a uni, I’d like to get a 24” and show my 3 young granddaughters the fun of riding the one wheeler. Any advice from those who stepped away and then later got back into it? Or should I remain “retired” and consider this whole idea ill advised?

To for it!!
I am 66 and I started on a Schwinn 20" uni when I was around 12 years old. I rode it a lot when I was young, but during college I set it aside, but would ride occasionally. I still have it and refurbished it (new tire and saddle) and got back into riding seriously about a year and a half ago. Since that time have added a 26" Nimbus mountain uni to my collection . Upgraded the tire and the saddle, and the cranks in order to adjust my ride. I rode 8.25 miles the other day. Now I’m looking at getting a 32" Nimbus Oracle in order to ride longer distances. BUT, one of the BEST things that has happened is my grandson who is 11 took my old 20" Schwinn home and practiced, and practiced, and practiced (like all of us did in order to learn), and now he can ride!! We will be riding together tomorrow afternoon when he gets home from school. That is awesome!! So, I would say, “Go for it!”
P.S. Add unicycling to your budget. You will need it!

Comeback at age 60

That’s a great experience you shared. I’m hoping for similar results. I am also hoping for some health benefits as well. When I used to ride, I never gave thought to the fitness aspect. I’m excited to resume riding again. As an added precaution, I’ve also invested in some cycling shorts as I anticipate some saddle soreness after having been away for a decade. Again, thanks for the post. Enjoy your ride tomorrow with your grandson. :+1:

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I picked up a 36er about a year ago after a 50 year break from unicycling as a kid. I did my first 50 mile day this summer and my legs are likely in better shape then anytime in my life. It is very good exercise.


If you want to see what old guys can do look at Terry Peterson’s website. It is Watch some of his videos. They are amazing!! I’m not sure how old Terry is now but I am sure he is over 60.
Clearly he is amazing. but what we are witnessing is that unicycling is not just for young people!!
Ride On!

Some of us are not even on a comeback, just late starters. I was 54 when I found my first uni and I’m 59 now. No plans to give it up, ever.

Comeback at age 60

Its great to hear all the seniors having a great time. I’m planning on getting reacquainted with a 24” and then in time move to a 29” once the confidence is back and I can freemount without incident. Is this a decent plan of action? Or should I be thinking more optimistically? The 24” was my “wheelhouse” uni back in the day. I realize from doing some research that things in the unicycle world have changed dramatically since 1969. I figured to start where I left off and then graduate to a 29” since I’m just interested in road work. Thoughts?

Yes, get back at’er. I just started as a newbie on a uni in August at age 65. Lovin

In my case I went from a mediocre rider of a 24" with a 50 year break straight to a 36". I was able to ride the 36" in a day or so and have since been working on free mounting, building endurance and general improvement. I can now ride the 36" better then I could ever ride the 24" and have never thought I should have started off with the 24". My primary mission is road riding and the 36" seems to the the best for that use. In the last year I’ve only rode the 36" except just a week ago I did pick up a 24" muni to work on idling and riding backwards.

And will you transfer riding backwards onto the 36" as well, once you get the hang of it? The only thing I can do on my 36" is ride-stop-hop and ride again, which I learned on the 20" first, but mostly the 36" feels too high and I always envision tumbling all the way down. Especially backwards that can’t be a nice experience.

Changing wheel sizes is easy; I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with a 29" if that’s what you want. I learned on a 24" (at age 50) and when I bought a 29" I fell off once and then I was riding. And I’ve had pretty much the same experience the first time I tried a 32" with short cranks, a 36", a giraffe, a car-tire uni, etc.

If you get hooked you’ll probably end up buying more anyway!

I started at 59 and am about to turn 65. Ride muni only, about 4-5 days a week. Unicycling has consumed me, used to do other fitness activities, not so much anymore. Will ride my mtn bike sometimes on the weekends just for a change of pace. Always have knee pads and gloves. Of all my muni’s, the 27.5 is my favorite.

As a mere 64 year old, I do about 20 miles a week on my muni & a bit of playing on my giraffe. But sometimes I take the skateboard out instead.



How far do you ride your giraffe? I reckon if it is possible to ride 10km on a trials uni, which I did once or twice, you can do the same on a giraffe. Can you freemount it?

Longest distance on giraffe was 16km (10 miles) but i was only 63 at the time

I no longer freemount the giraffe, as when I get it wrong it hurts too much! For me, the worst thing about ageing is that the healing process takes forever!

Aye safety gear is nice, especially when healing starts to take a while