Come unicyclist lets beat these bastards!

As most of you know we are competing in a poll.

Everyone needs to download this program

Its really easy to install and use.

Here is the link to the site for the program if you want to learn more about it

I’m voting once every two seconds, thats 1800 votes per hour, come one guys we can beat them!

im on board for once evry second3600 votes/hour.

How about this instead; why don’t you copy the web page to your hard drive and edit it to give the unicyclists 20 million votes. That will have as much effect as your silly poll stuffing.

How about not, cyberpunk? Doesn’t this pervert the purpose of polls? It’s needlessly dishonest. The poll is really not that important.

yes it is…have you no pride…i say vote on cyber…im right with you.

Should be a lesson to anyone making online polls that let you vote more than once per account/logon/user. Renders the poll meaningless (like 99% of the ones people build here).

people ip spoof if you only allow one voate… there’s soo many ways around restrictions like that.

If someone is stupid enough to not at least use cookies or something of the sort to stop people from voting multiple times then they deserve to get spamed with things like that. I had that little program running for a few hours so it should add a few more.

hands up who’s intentionally voted for an rsu poll more than once? I sure as hell haven’t

at the time of this post it’s muni=78000 uwh=100000

cyber … it looks like the underwater hockey guys picked up on yr little trick… their numbers are going up as fast as ours are now… hmmm

WE NEED MORE MAN POWER! Come on guys, I got three computers, all voting once every 1.5 seconds. Thats 7,200 votes an hour, we can so beat them, by toomarow morning i’ll have added 86,000 votes to muni.

you guys are silly.

besides, I’d rather watch elephant polo.

i have 4 running on my computer right now at 1 second for each so thats 9600 votes per hour i think?

there i’ve done my part i broke the 100,000 with my vote i hope we win

If the page dosn’t fully load, I don’t think it counts your vote, I could be mistaken though, I havn’t seen how the code was writen for the poll.

Ok, this is all nonsense, I am sorry I brought this poll to your attention now. Since there is no end date, how are you going to declare a winner? Once you reach one million votes?

So, to help you do that, you can just do the following:

right click on the poll window, you will see a “view source code option”. You will find the following:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=“javascript” SRC=“”></script>

So that is all the code you need to add a vote to the poll. I have no idea how to write scripts to do a loop in html (if you know just do it). So my proposed solution is to just:

open notepad, copy that line 5000 times. name it vote.html Double click on it.

With this you will have a window voting for you really fast. I did try it and it works. You avoid loading many times a lot of code, the add, etc. You can even have one computer running a couple windows at the same time. I am sure there is an optimal value of open windows. Maybe 5 per computer, depending on your computer’s speed and processor. And you can start it and have it vote for you 25000 times, and then you restart it.

Now this will get close to a denial of service attack if MANY people do it at the same time. I am no computer expert so I have no idea how many MANY is.

OK, so I think there is no need to do this, especially since the poll is from 2004, as I mentioned before, but I know you guys still want to win, so here it goes.

Or you can all vote for Elephant polo, and that would be a good joke.

Have fun, don’t get into trouble

PS, and those bastards, are my Hockey pals, so watch it!

those bastards have given up, victory is ours!

We are WAY ahead! now they are in there gave, lets burry them!

And by the way, I tried venturing into enemy territory, by finding the underwater hockey forum, but I couldn’t find one anywhere, I found out the sport is called octosnork or something like that by enthusiest, but it would be funny to see the other side of this.

Because its fun, and I’ve had a few chuckles out of it, we’ve banded a few people together to start spamming a poll, and there is a sense of unity in all of it, why do you have to ruin our fun? Its not hurting anything (exept maybe the server.)

How about this instead, you save this page, and then edit the html for your next post. You can add my rebuttal too while your at it.