come together (unicycle trials)

yea new video! enjoy!

nice, you’re getting good at small technical stuff. I would focus on getting your hop higher so you can take things bigger.

I enjoyed this alot more than any of your other videos! Good job, and keep it up! :smiley:

one and one and one is 360:)

thanks. im only 13 so i think 18" is the highest i can get static. i neeed to learn to do SIF with prehops now :stuck_out_tongue:

Go big or go home brosef!
Of course sometimes you go big and then go home shortly afterwards…

You’re only 13? Wow, I thought you were a lot younger than me but we’re the same age. At NAUCC I was the girl with the black/pinkish/white Koxx 1.

Anyway, looks like you’re getting a lot better. Keep it up!