come on some1 in the uk must want a 19"

alex dx32 19" v. good condition had a year of riding only reason i am selling it is becuz i am buying a qu-ax hub it need a 48hole this is a 36.offers i think it’s worth £20 but i am not sure

You can use a 36 hole rim on a 48 hole hub. A 48 spoke 19" is insane overkill, and also very inconvenient. I can’t imagine getting a pump valve onto the nipple with the spoke spacing so small. Also, truing your wheel will be a bizatch. If you want to turn a 48 hole hub into 36, just have a hole between each spoke, so instead of spoke-spoke-spoke-spoke-spoke, you have spoke-hole-spoke-hole-spoke. Get it? Also, it’s worthy of mentioning that someone could count on 1 hand missing 5 fingers* how many people have taco-d a 36 spoke 19" wheel.

*Translation: Noone’s ever taco’d a 36 spoke 19" rim. Not to mention, even if someone has, it won’t be you.

May be interested but will talk tomorrow.


That doesn’t sound right. That way you’d have a spoke in very other hole, so in a 48 hole hub you’d only have 24 spokes. Don’t you need to miss out every 3rd spoke or something like that?


Well i don’t care what you say i heard that you need like 3 different lenghts of spokes to build a 48 in2 a 36 if it’s ova kill y do the sell 19" 48 hole rim’s fool!
I am not flaming i just like the word fool!fool!
and don’t back chat cracker!

48 hole hub plus 48 hole rim = cool (IMHO)
strong enough to carry a small car on, but it will look nice.

Make sure you have a good quality spoke key that will fit between the spokes e.g.

Raspberry fool is cool.


I am buying it built so no worry’s bout making it. and about truing ect i don’t plan to do that i dnno how!

i tacoed a 19 inch rim.
it was a monty rim on a profile hub.
trials wheels should be as strong as possible, imho.

having a trials setup with 127mm cranks would be nicer for street riding.
i envy you.

maybe you’d like to swap for my profile/alex wheel? 145mm cranks.?
(not realy, i’ll just save some cash and buy annother unicycle)