Come in here

Anyways now that I’ve got your attention:) I’m gonna ask this question one more time.

Like I said I’ve posted a thread about this before, and got a lot of helpful advise. But for some reason no one could answer me the question that was probably most important.

I’m looking to upgrade my Torker 24" dx. It’s the latest model and after riding my K1 I’m getting very spoiled and want to make my 24" more suitable more trials riding.

What I’m looking to do is get a 24" KH 2007 frame. I’m going to get the seatpost and saddle to go with it as well. BUT…I NEED TO KNOW IF THE KH FRAME WILL MATCH UP WITH THE TORKER WHEELSET. What I’m trying to get at is I don’t know if the bearing holders on the KH frame will match the place of my bearings on my Torker dx wheel. I know that I will have to shim the bearings a bit to fit the bearing holders, but thats not what I’m asking. I just need to know if there in the right place and that It will all sync up as planned.

I hope somone out there has the answer to my long awaited question and I appreciate any help on the subject:)

Im pretty sure the bearings on the dx wheel set are smaller than the khs.

Yeah man I know that, what I’m asking is if the bearing holders/caps on the KH frame will match the current place of the bearings on my dx wheel. But I appreciate the help anyways.

Im not sure about the spacing, but I know that DX uses an 40mm bearing, and KH uses a 42mm bearing. You will have to use some shims.

I cant right now, but I have a DX and a KH. Ill take the KH frame and put it on the DX wheel to see how they match up.

PLEEEAAAASSSE Bro! I would be in debt to you for all time

They will fit.

I’ve seen a picture of a DX 24" with a KH frame.

they will fit, agreed, but you will probably want shims, order them if you are a perfectionist, or you can just stick some thin rubber in there (livestrong-type bracelet cut to size)

Alright thanks guys