Come check out my new website and forum!

Hey! Please come check out my website and maybe even register for my forum. I just put this up about two days ago so there is nothing going on yet. I hope to get lots of members and lots of good conversation soon. Anyway check it out.

It is:


Nice site and all, but I am curious, what makes you think we need more forums out there about unicycling? I know you’ve never heard of it, but there used to be another forum out there on the muniac site. It had nearly no traffic and eventually was deleted. I don’t see why everyone feels the need to compete with I also don’t see what those forums offer that doesn’t.

The muniac forum was deleted for other reasons…not lack of traffic.

It also had very strict guidelines that limited input.

I say you can never have enough uni convesation, or conversation with unicyclists. The more the merrier.

Just one more way to increase awareness of the sport.

I’m sorry, but there are 2 things that I don’t like about this:

1st: You called one Message Board Rec.Sport.Unicycling -> Do you know it’s called like this because of the nntp proxy Gilby wrote, and all your posts actually also show up in the usenet? There’s no reason to call your Message Board like this.

2nd: There is no reason to open a second forum, I just don’t want to jump between 2 pages and so on. One thing that is a fact is, that I don’t like the forum software gilby uses, and that I actually like phpBB MUCH more, but that’s another issues Gilby’s working on right now, as far as I know.

Your homepages is great, but, just in my opinion, the forum is not necessary.


sigh another good boy gone total uni :frowning:

Maybe your right… Maybe we should only have one type of unicycle, or on unicycle style, or one manufacturing company for unicycles, or one unicycle supplier.

I don’t see anything wrong with constructive critisism, but dang you guys are brutal. He isn’t asking you to give up this site, just give his a try.

It may turn out to be a huge waste of efforton his part, but obviously he is passionate about unicycling, and wanted to do something creative as an outlet for this passion we all share.

Like I mentioned on his site, if it is going to be sucessful it is going to have to fill a void or meat a need that isn’t being fullfilled by this site. Not sure what that is, but there is always room for growth.

I like it here, and I like the software just fine. I also think the other forum looks good, and lonely. Throw the kid a bone. It wouldn’t kill you to post somewhere else. This is also an opportunity for those that think that this site is missing something. It is a fresh start so to speak.

personally I like it here and won’t abandon it, because I know and have met many people on this board. So evertime I come here it is like getting together with friends. I still like to meet new people though, and old friends in new places.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be brutal. If you think I was, I excuse myself for that.

But let’s say, we all lived in one village. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet at one spot every day instead of meeting at different places and running back and forth all the time?

It’s just a matter of not re-inventing the wheel. But hey, the internet is a free place, and in case his forum gets traffic and aruses interest - I’m happy for him.

And again - I didn’t mean to be brutal, sorry for that.


Thats fine. You don’t have to go to mine but I just thought it would be fun to put a forum on my website.


and there’s nothing wrong with that. I even had a look at it, and it’s a good idea to use it as a local board, for people from texas.


Yup. Muni only. But the real reason it’s gone is Scott has lost interest in muni.

I like the idea. I’ll try to spread the word.


hopefully this will have less issues brought up over and over

that’s a really dumb comparsion


But seriously… that’s a really dumb comparison.

Internet tough guy. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the constructive input. Anything else you want to say.

i slept with your mom :slight_smile:

If it was in the last 5 years, that would make you a necrophiliac.

I just checked out the forum, and I like it. Texas is a funny place, We have alot of people, but damn you have to drive a million miles to go places. If I want to ride with people from Dallas, I have to post a thread on this forum that 99.9 % of the people dont care about, just to hope that a guy reads it before it hits page two.

Question? Should we get rid of Yahoo since Google is so popular?

This site is GREAT, and I am thankful for the WONDERFUL people I have met, and the hard work that GILBY puts into this sport. I also like a little change every now and then, so a new site might help spread the LUV.

Well put, Steve.

Your “question” offers an excellent comparison.