Here are some combos from my session tonight. Whoever can name the video that each song was used in gets 10 bonus points, or 1 flux point. Your choice (I would go with the flux point though).

cracks - flux pavillion :wink:

cracks - flux pavilion
top notch - lazee => elias poham 2010
katy perry black and gold
skrillex feat foreign beggars - still getting it => last vid from adrien
the last one i know in which vid i heard it, but can’t tell at all who is it… but i know it’s a vid from eli or will

nice combos btw

first song I think: EUC 2011 summer promo - Krisz kovacs
Nice combo’s

It’s Ellie Goulding, not Katy Perry :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work, Julia, seems like you’re getting consistent.

Btw, last song is by Jurassic 5, it was playing all week at NAUCC '09 and then Will used it in the big viddy. One of the most awesome videos of all time, I might add.

Whats the name of that weird inside x roll transition?

I believe it’s called a backroll stepover.

Thanks guys!

Yeah, still one of my favorite videos :smiley:

:35 is a fakie inward varial roll, 1:15 is a backroll stepover.