Combo Stack it Up (No Rolls)

So right now there’s two threads, “[Game] Combo Stack It Up” and “Game - Stack it Up - No Rolls” and I like them both so I thought that would be great to have both of best worlds so I made this thread.

Player 1 sets a trick (example: Rolling Wrap).
Player 2 sets a trick after the first trick in a combo (example: Backroll).
Then it goes on like that.
Hopping on wheel is allowed.
This is different from “[Game] Combo Stack It Up” though because you’re only allowed to put tricks at the END of the combo, not the beggining.
No rolls, any other type of trick is allowed.

Alright, let’s go!

I’m in :slight_smile: who sets first?

go for it!

Come on guys, what happened? Let’s start!

The go film a trick! :slight_smile:

All right then…

I’m starting off easy with a 3spin.

Oh and on the rules, for the examples I accidentally put roll tricks in, but just place non-roll tricks there.

there is already a thread for this i believe.

Probably, but they’re old (and I’m not talking about the no rolls regular one or the combo stack it up)

added 270 (don’t do the 90 down) combo stops at 270 :slight_smile:

Added flip on wheel :slight_smile:

Added BLIND 180

nice one :wink: Do you hurt your legs as well when tirejumping in shorts? I always get all scrabbled up and red right below my knees if i keep going for a little while :frowning:

Yeah, I do too and I don’t have shin guards at the moment so this is hurting me.

I don’t think hop on wheel should be considered a combo… IMO

Yes! That’s why i did the “arrgghh” in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Mabye not… but that’s the way it is and have always been :stuck_out_tongue:

This is true :stuck_out_tongue:

How 'bout if a combo hasn’t been done for like 5 days, then we can start a new one?

sounds good! But i don’t think this game will ever be popular…

The only way to do a long combo without rolls is to do too much hop on wheel… and I hate hop on wheel hahah