Combinations of freestyle skills...

I’m now on holidays so I’ve actually got time to unicycle several times per day. It’s great! Anyway, I had this little chain of skills that I’ve been doing where I’d go from normal riding to 1 foot wheel walking to gliding and back to riding. It’s really fun, but I’m now adding to it. One of the things I’ve been doing is going:

1 foot idling > 1 foot riding > gliding > 1 foot wheel walking > ‘my new skill thingy’ > normal riding.

I’m not that good at all at freestyle so this will take a fair bit of practise to get up to scratch but it’s fun trying. My new skill thingy is where you wheel walk for 4 paces (r,l,r,l) then pause and put the right foot down to the pedal (which is horizontal and to the back), then the left foot down, left foot up, walk for another 4 paces (l,r,l,r), left down, right down, and ride off. I’ll try to attach a little animation to help describe it.

Another thing that I find really fun is 1 foot riding with the left foot while dragging the right foot on the wheel. You stop the wheel with the left pedal almost at the top of its rotation but slightly back and then kick the wheel forward with your right foot (hence pushing the left pedal past the dead spot). And you keep doing that for a while.

So, what’s your favourite combinations of freestyle skills?



I hope you don’t wheelwalk barefoot:( I like orbits, although I can’t do them, and also 1 foot standup coasting in a swan position, while eating sushi. I can only do the sushi part of that one.

But of course. You should try it, you get a better feel for things (I think).


my favorite combonation of skills is first i coast in a complete circle then i push up into stand up 1ft. wheel walk circle… if that made any sense whatsoever… it made sense to me… lol… anywayz… keep the wheel walking

I don’t have any Favorites at all. I just preferred “Normal Riding”.
I don’t want to offend anyone but I wish I have learnt Unicycling at a early age so I would have gain more skills of what I have seen. I love to do WW and OFR (One Foot Riding) and Gliding too.
How did you mounted the Camera Andrew, That is a Classic way to do it.


I just held it in front of me and leaned against the wall for balance.

As per this advice in a previous thread, I tried it. The only result I had was a nasty bruise on my heel from a hard landing. To each his/her own, but I’m sticking to shoes.


Fair enough.

The problem is when you take a bad fall, which can happen a lot when learning wheel walk skills, and your foot gets somewhere between the frame and spokes. I recommend shoes. Even people who go barefoot all the time, and have real tough feet, are susceptible to a foot in the spokes.