Colorful Autumn Muni Ride

Finally got a camera out with us for a ride on local (Albany, NY) trails.
Loads of fun

Some great scenery you guys were riding through, very colourful. Nice video, you made it looked rather chilled :slight_smile:

Real clean quality video! Where did you upload it to? It’s not vimeo and definitely not youtube, lol! Yahoo maybe?

Looks like it: (if you click the title, you get it in a new tab)

Strange music:o

Nice vid! Great colours!

Were those 26" munis? Looks like a 29 in some shots…

Keep riding!

Lotsa hoppin’… I enjoyed your vid.
The music suits my ear as well… Like those strings!

Thanks, the ride was super fun, not super extreme (except for the part where we got lost and started thinking Blair Witch), with the great colors mixed in. Its a very flowy course, with some fun hopping. I had a hard time picking music. Ended up with that song by Roger Miller.

We lugged a nice sony HD minidv camera along, so the raw footage should have been good quality. I edited it with Pinnacle Studio 11, which has an easy auto upload to Yahoo video. I found the camera fit in my camelpack well, as long as I didn’t bring water, so I really sacrificed for my art :wink: