Colored Spokes

I’m building a uni and I’m looking for white (or possibly gold) spokes to put on it. I know that you can get white spokes on complete (BMX) wheels sometimes, and you can get Ti or anodized ones. Unfortunately, Mawri Ti spokes are about $130 for a wheel worth, and I can’t find anodized ones. If anyone knows where to get white spokes for a mod I’d appreciate it.

Alternatively, can you powdercoat spokes without messing them up? They’re steel, so they should withstand the process without warping. I’m just not positive…

You might have issues with the coating where the spoke goes through the hub flange, I would think that the pressure on the surface at this point would damage the powder coat and wouldn’t make for a satisfactory wheel-build. Might be best to keep the powder off the end (and the threaded end too obviously).

Paint them with a brush!!

I know it sounds terrible and that they’ll turn out like a mess but it actually does work.

I painted my whole frame with a brush and it turned out fab, it went from chrome to black:

Let me know what you think.


Primo forged spokes come in many colors. However they are made for a 20" BMX wheel (not 19"). If you intend to use a bmx rim then try those, they look sweet. I bet you can also take the primo forged spokes down to a bikeshop and have them cut and threaded to the size you need if you are using a mod rim.

So… my LBS has steel colored ones for 20" :). Thanks anyways guys.

You could always just get longer spokes than you need and then have a bike shop cut them for you. My bike shop cuts spokes so I don’t see why others shouldn’t.