Colored DXs

I was messing around in photoshop and i changed the colors on the DX :smiley:

They should make some new colors because when they’re all red it gets boring :stuck_out_tongue:
I would really want the orange

Really what they should do is change that picture, since that is NOT what the frame looks like anymore. If yer like me you like little clearance, and the new frames have atleast twice(maybe 3 times) more than is shown.

Why did they make it bigger?

They made the frames stronger with some extra reinforcement. Not sure why they added so much extra space between the tire and the frame. I think they got some sorta feeback about how extra clearance is good for muni. If you noticed they have brake mounts on the 20" so I think they thought that the 20" was also used alot for muni and threw in the clearnance. Or maybe thy thought a shorter tube on the frame would mean less chance of it breaking???

Really, you got me. :thinking:

lol They probably have a good reason :smiley:

I honestly don’t think they have a good reason. I just think they had no idea what they were doing.


if you want a deeper orange i can do it for you.

Let me guess, hue/saturation (ctrl + u)

Not really, i forgot but it was like…
something/something/something/selective color/blah blah blah :smiley:

Why mad? Both my muni and my current trials unis are DXs, luckily I got them before they ruined the clearance. They are good unicycles, especially for the money but as far as the current frame goes they had to have had no idea what they were doing.

You have seperate DXs for trials and muni? Should i do that? :smiley:


before you get to the point you have 2 decent unis, make one of them good. (KH, koxx, profiles, etc)

i like the orange

I agree, though the muni version of the DX is so much better than the trials version, I can’t quite explain but it also feels lighter than the trials.

that is exactly how much clearance all the DX’s have, your unicycle does not have 4-6" of clearance, that is the same frame without the added gussets for strength, i have my doubts about the uni, but don’t hate with false info… thats lame

i think their is a reason you cant explain the dx feeling lighter. maybe because stock and stock the muni has more material in the frame, cranks, rim, tire, tube. it might be but i dislike both because (one of many reasons) the cranks are too short.

I’ve seen the reinforced frame next to the unreinforced frame and the reinforced one certainly has much more clearance. It is definitely not false info.

Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying but that only supports the fact that it doesn’t make sense, the muni clearly has more to it - its larger but with very similiar components yet it still feels lighter.

haha my muni and trials (torker dx) weight feels different too…maybe because my muni is a Kh:D :smiley:

I always thought the dx looked like some childs transformers toy or something… really ugly IMO, especially the rectanglular frame in black and red - which somehow to me just makes it look really… cartoony?!