Colorado weekend pics

First one is Saturday at work, in the office. Temps were in the 50’s in the valley and 30’s on the mountain.

Second one is Sunday on my Sunday ride, temps in 20’s in the valley, 12" of new snow and 10’s on the mountain. The roads were sketch at best, trails to deep to ride. Get out and ride, or ski, or snowboard, just get out.

This pic was in mondays Aspen Times newspaper. Cheers.:smiley:

Mike Aspen Times photo Coker March 08.jpg

How I would love to see you while driving by

That road Pik, rocks!!

That’s one for the bestof 2008 thread at the end of the year.


You inspire me Mike

I was feeling down about our 4 - 8 ft snow banks along the road side.

My back yard has low spots of 3ft of snow and high spots of 4.5 ft (no drifting). My driveway has huge snow banks on either side of , making shoveling a real chore.

I’m down to riding in plowed parking lots for my RTL training.

Thank god I have a uni capable of riding in the snow.

Seeing you in these pictures makes me want to get out and ride.

Sweet, Mike. You are always an inspiration!

Sweet man… In boulder we don’t have that much snow. Are you a highlands ski patrol. That is sick, a dream. An an tele skier!!! Dope Uni. Good to see someone else is not afraid of the snow!!!

Sounds like Aspen with all the snow, shoveling the drive has been a bitch, throwing snow 8-10 high, just to have it come back down. The things we have to put up with living in snow country:) Glad that I could be a little inspiration to get you out, and ride.


Glad you liked it, it was crazy riding over the bridge with those conditions, and having traffic next to me. I will try and remember to submit it at the end of 08’.

i would love to have a job that requires telemarks and carabiners. I need to move to the mountains when i am done school…

I love your office:p

I was about to get a similar one w/ the Kirkwood ski patrol, but then I had to go and do something stupid and broke my back almost 9 years ago :angry: