Colorado TV appearance...

For those of you who are interested…

Watch channel 4 in colorado either:
saturday at 6:30 pm


sunday at 4 pm

My friend mike and I are on tv for a little spot, for that Extreme Colorado Getaways show that was posted on here earlier. It should definitely be worth seeing. We tried some pretty tricky muni for the video up at Mt. Falcon national park, so it should be pretty good. It was fun anyways!

Just thought I’d let anybody know who could watch…

I don’t know if it’ll be on outside of colorado, maybe check CBS channel listings for “Extreme Colorado Getways” in the unlikely case that it is showing in your area!

If anyone can record it and post it as a file on here, that would be great. I will check my local listings, but it probably will only be able to be seen by most of us if it posted here.