Colorado Springs Unicycling group?

I am a relatively new unicyclist (I am pretty confident in plain riding and can hop around a bit but not doing many tricks or anything crazy) looking for a group of people that ride around Colorado Springs, CO or surrounding areas, I usually enjoy mountain riding. Would anyone happen to know if such a group exists?



Hey John!

Im not sure about the unicyclist in springs but there are some riders here in Pueblo :slight_smile:

There are a variety of street riders and a muni rider (who likes to ride anything)

Add me on Facebook and let me know if and when you want to ride and ill see what I can work out best. By the way my user name is my real name to :stuck_out_tongue:

Also there is a group on facebook called colorado unicyclsit! Feel free to join :slight_smile:


Thanks, will do! I am actually in Fountain so a bit closer than the springs. But it would definitely be nice to find some people to ride with!

I am on an email list from some riders in the Springs. PM me your email and I will send it to them to add!