Colorado Springs, CO, Gracie is coming your way!

Attention to all unicyclists in or near Colorado Springs, CO. Graice Sorbello is heading your way! Gracie is about the become, to the best of my knowledge, the first woman to ride across the United States on a unicycle. All the while, Gracie is riding to raise awareness and money to fight leukemia and lymphoma. She is planning a stop in the Colorado Springs area. Send Gracie an e-mail to let her know that you are there so that she can make contact with you.

You can e-mail Graice directly so that you can arrange to meet her:

Visit Gracie’s blogsite at:

To make a donation to this very worthwhile cause, visit the below site to make a donation to help Gracie toward her goal of $10,000:

The Memphis Unicycle Club was lucky enough to have Gracie in our area during one of her rest days and we all enjoyed meeting this amazing woman. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of her presence in your area.


will she pass by Denver on her way?

hmm, i hope she rides through denver…maybe i can talk my parents into letting me drive down to the springs for a day though.
i would really enjoy meeting her.

I’m not exactly sure of her route. Gracie is great about replying to e-mail. Ask her yourself at the above e-address. She would love to hear from you.