colorado springs anyone?

I’m going to be heading out to colorado springs/breckenridege march 12-19 for spring break and i’m looking for some great place to go unicycling. i.e. muni trails or any other areas. Let me know

thanks, Matt

they’ll probably still have plenty of snow. just ride around on the streets.

colorado springs is cool. my sister just moved out there to live near her boyfriend. i think your best bet to see where people live though is to check the unicycel roster.


Leave it to someone from Iowa… If they aren’t clogging up the fast lane by driving scared/slow at 15 MPH down our canyons, the are giving out bad information about our state. :wink:

Palmer park in Colorado Springs is almost a sure bet for winter riding. The snow usually melts a few days after it falls, especially the south side. There is a full range from flat trails up top, slow winding trails leading all around, steep rock/steppy trails. It’s a big raised mesa/ rock formations hiking/biking/MUni/running/walking/picnicing park in the middle of the City.

Or you can drive a tad southwest to Canon City and play on the hogbacks & old skyline drive (the un-paved part).

oops. my bad. i have some non-uni friends out there and last time i visited in early march there was snow around. maybe i caught a weird storm or something. but yeah, listen to him. he lives there.

I live in Colorado Springs and agree with Ed, Palmer Park is usually good most of the year, however I prefer Ute Valley park. It is small (about 8 miles of trails total), but has great sandstone formations and excellent trails from mild to wild. The weather in March is sketchy here, you could have 70’s or you could have a foot of snow. Where Ed lives is referred to as the sun belt as it is usually warmer and drier than Colorado Springs. so if the weather is crummy here I’d definitely recommend the Canon City/ Florence area. The trails in the foothills are usually too snowy, but if it has been very dry, there are many great trails - Section 16, Captain Jacks, the Chutes and Bear Creek. There is also some great singletrack about 10 miles north of Colorado Springs on the west side of Monument at the base of Mt. Herman. Finally, there is a part of the rails to trails system called the New Santa Fe trail that runs from Pueblo to north of Colorado Springs. It is mostly crushed gravel, but the north end that just opened this year (about 12 miles north of Colorado Springs starting in Palmer Lake) is mostly low technical single track and very fun to ride. Have fun when you visit.

yay! Colorado Springs, I live here. it depends on what what kind of style you into. Palmer park is a good place if you dont have a shuttle, there are alot of ups and downs there and its real east to get lost. You can also ride in the mountains if you want (which is my favorite place) its just that rides dont last that long cause your bombing down, and ur home before you know it. (P.S. If your gunna ride in the stratton open space, take the lower hikers only trial, its super technical, tight, and fast, its kinda scary). A fun trail is the “seven bridges trial”. Its really technical, and long (I garentee you will eat it real bad, it is CRAZY TECHNICAL) so, just ask someone where they are.