Colorado Muni, best trails?

We’re leaving for Colorado in a couple days, been looking at mountain biking trail guides, trying to plan out some rides, kinda tough due to snow conditions, maybe some folks on the forum would have tips as to where to ride?

I’d like to stay on the East side of the state, so Salida, Boulder/Golden, Ft Collins, maybe Durango (out of the way…), not relaly wanting to dry all the way to Grand Junction.

Could also use some riding partners, Aspen Mike chimed in already, hoping to meet up with him.

We’re mixing up the riding with some sliding, so if anyone wants to do so backcountry boarding or meet us at A Basin next weekend (June 10, 11, 12)(, just give me a hollar.


Still A LOT of snow on those Colorado trails I hear… Hopefully things will be a bit more dried out by mid July when I head out there! Monarch Crest Trail!

Not sure about snow conditions now, but I rode a bunch of trails in Durango when I was on vacation a few years ago. My highest recommendation would be the lower Hermosa creek trail, just off route 550:

I remember it being not too hard with a few hills here and there, riding through dense forest. I believe there’s a campground at the trailhead too.

It’s at relatively low elevation, so you’re less likely to run into snow. Here’s a ride report way back in 2007, from around this time of year:

Call me up Ben and we can talk about what type/how technical you want. I PM’d you my #.

Hermosa Creek trail is rideable to the crossing about 12 miles up for sure. Some friends mountain biked it last week. But, Durango is a long way from the east slope.

Hermosa Creek trail is rideable to the crossing about 12 miles up for sure. Some friends mountain biked it last week. But, Durango is a long way from the east slope.

It seems like most of the trails below the Peak to Peak highway are open. Even though we’ve had a fair amount of rain lately the trails I’ve been riding have been either dry, or packed wet clay. Either way, they have been good and firm. What kind of trail are you looking for? I could point you to some around here. I may be able to ride, but it’s hard to commit due to family health problems that swing wildly.

Still, if you are in the area and want to hit some trails I could point you to some good ones, and if I know you’re gonna be there it could give me a good excuse to get away from the house.

Depends what you are looking for, but most of the front range trails should be fine. Centennial Cone trail outside of Golden was one of my favorites on the 29er (or 26er), it is quite fun and rolling singletrack.

Lookout Mountain/Chimney Gulch is also a pretty fun/lungbusting trail.

Outside of Golden…a really awesome set of trails are near Pine CO and Buffalo Creek. AMAZING singletrack out there, you can do a really fun 21 mile figure 8 connecting set of trails there if you start in Pine valley. I believe you climb buck gulch, go down homestead, to sandy wash, at the end of the great downhill you turn right on a fireroad and ride for 3 miles or so on the boring fireroad, turn right onto the baldy trail, stay on baldy, take charlies cutoff (maybe?) up homestead again and then take strawberry jack back (which is probably the best part of the ride).

Or you could start in buffalo creek and just take the co trail make a loop at green mountain trail and double back on the co trail.

I would highly recommend going out to Pine or Buff Creek - they are smooth, flowing, and great examples of CO singletrack.

be in the estes park area 6/10/16 to 6/16/16

I did not want to start a new topic so I apologize for hijacking Nurse ben’s thread. I was just wanting some info on trails in Larimer county, Estes park Colorado area. I will be around there for a week or so 6/10/16 to 6/16/16 for my daughters wedding.

Not looking for anything to technical, advanced or to long. I will be by myself. Something my wife could run a shuttle for me up so it would be all down hill would be awesome! My skill level would be a pretty good beginner or a poor to midland intermediate.

Here are a couple of links to the area I found, but some local advise would be awesome!

I’ve done some riding up in Estes. The trails that I can name aren’t ones that fit your desired criteria, but I’ve ridden a bunch that were pleasant single track.

I would certainly not recommend Devil’s Backbone unless you plan on getting out early. There is no shade, and the rock reflects the heat right back up at you. It has quite a bit of non-tech trail, but the tech parts more than make up for it. Just remember there is no shame in walking.

There are nice trails near Allen’s Park, and I’ve ridden easy going trails in the national forest around Y of the Rockies. Once you are there ask around in some shops, they should point you to appropriate trails.

If you don’t mind venturing a little further “Picture Rock” trail in Lyons is really nice for the first 2 miles, and then you can turn around. If you continue past the silo it turns into a rocky switchback climb up to the top of Heil Ranch. That first two miles has its share of roots, and rocks, but for the most part it is rolling and flowy. Plus it is a gentle climb for the first mile and a half, then it starts to ascend a bit quicker. The payoff is that the ride back to the car is all downhill.