Colorado High Country MUni Ride


Who is up for a sweet singletrak MUni ride in the Colorado High Country? I am trying to organize a ride for sometime in August, from the 10th to the 23rd. I would like to know if anyone is interested first, then if so, what is best- a weekend or weekday. We can then come up with a date that will be best for all. Here’s the preliminary beta on the ride:

  • 3 options ranging from 12 miles, (or shorter), 20 miles, or gonzo ride of 30 miles. Option 1 is an out and back, Option 2 is a shuttle, and Option 3 is a loop ride. I will be shooting for option 3 :smiley:
  • 1-3 High Mountain passes crossed, depending on option chosen. 5-6 miles of above treeline singletrak possible.
  • Start time approximately 6:30-7:00 a.m.
  • Total time out estimation: option 1 is 4-6 hours, option 2 is 6-8 hours, option 3 is 10-12 hours
  • Average riding elevation – 10,000’+
    This has been on my “must ride” list for quite awhile, and now is the time to ride it! The Colorado High Country will be incredible. It would be fun to have a strong group for this. Even if you don’t think you can, or don’t want to go for option 3, don’t worry about it. Either of the first two options could be the coolest ride ever. We could have MUni’s all over that mountainside, that would be sick. You can PM me or post on this thread your interest and what dates would work for you. I will provide better details later, just wanted to get the interest going now. Let’s ride!

I can’t make it, but it sounds great!

Dang it! I’ll be traveling from Aug. 5 to Aug 23. So no way I can make it. Hopefully next time! Sounds fantastic.

– Agnes

How bout a Colorado fourteener (Lung Busting MUni)

My son, George, is dragging me through MUni on 14 fourteeners in Colorado this summer. Less riding than your lower planned single track, but definitely a “kick your butt” adventure each time. We have done 4/14 and will be doing three to four more this Saturday (Democrat/Lincoln/Bross).

Check out George’s blog at for past and upcoming rides.
Would of course love to join you on your adventure as well, August 22nd best.


That is great stuff you guys are doing, way to go! The weather is ideal right now to knock out a bunch of them. August 22nd has 2 riders, excellent. Keep in touch on final details, and good luck this weekend.

^^^Cool blog by George, Keep us abreast of your 14’r attempts. I have been hearing about some unicycle guy on the 14’rs lately. Obviously thats you guys!! I’d love to join you soon!

Mike has an awesome ride planned here. I hope some of you colorado riders can make it!

I am available most any of these days in August. Looking forward to the ride!!


Unfortunately, I’m saving up for New Zealand and even skipped NAUCC this year, But I’ve got to get out to Colorado one of these days! You guys should host a NAUCC or other event out there… :slight_smile:

Hey Mike, if I had the time I’d join you, but I think this summer is shot. Next summer we’re coming through Colorado to ski and ride, probably be at Indy Pass for the TTips gathering in early June. If you wanna plan a ride for around then, Alex and I would be up for some climbing!

We just got back from four days at Tsali, a totally different kind of riding from what you have in CO, lots of mud, humidity, poison ivy, jungle like conditions, had a blast!

I did a solo out and back of Right Loop Friday, then on Saturday Alex and I did all of Thompson Loop with the ladies on MTB, then on Sunday I did the shorter alternative on Right Loop while Alex and Nat rode bikes and Karen ran. Rode like seventeen miles on Three days, all up and down, some tech, lots of mud pits (I hate mud), mostly single track with some double track.

The dates for this ride have been narrowed down to August 12,13,14,or 15. Weather will be a big determining factor on which day we go. I will keep you posted on what date as we get closer, so start planning for that week sometime.

Your right, we should. It would have to be in the mountains though, with some great high altitude unicycling. You think the air was thin at Soldier Hollow :astonished:

Come a littler earlier and ride Indy w/o cars, really fun. Yes, on riding, (and skiing) next June.

Weather has sure been wacky all right. I’ll just plan on all those dates and we’ll call it as we get closer. Should be a great week for riding. I hope some others can join in, this is going to be an awesome epic ride!

That is usually the weekend before Memorial day. That would be fun on the 36er!

Man I’m so jealous! Perhaps next summer I’ll be able to make it out there. No such luck this year; though I spent a few days in Silverton, Colorado for the Hardrock 100. I only made it 42 miles this year (too much on my mind, not focused enough). Still it was a beautiful, full day’s worth of running/hiking! Enough to really lift my spirits. The day after I dropped out I hiked up Kendall Mountain (the large looming mountain over Silverton) which is a 13er and saw a whole group (five) of wild mountain goats of the white haired variety! Wow that was a treat and sign that I made the right decision; for the next day I flew out to Las Vegas to help crew/pace my wife through the Badwater 135!! Yes, 135 mile run through Death Valley in July! She is an animal!

Anyhow have fun and have a few UPDs on me! :wink:

Dates are set

Ok, The ride is going to take place on Tuesday the 11th, with Wednesday the 12th as a backup date. If anyone is interested in some fun in the Colorado High Country, please reply or pm me ASAP, so I can organize. Hope some of you hardcore MUni riders can make this ride. Peace.

Tues the 11th it is!
I PM’d you Mike
(I thought the 12th but the 11th is fine too.)

See ya then!

Count me as one of the jealous crowd. Hopefully this can be the first annual ride.

Uni ride?

Does anyone have an extra unicycle?

I am in Aspen for the next week. I have some work to do during the day, but I would love to try to meet up with people to ride (anything, really; I haven’t muni-ed since Moab but I miss it; I’m not sure I can keep up with those of you who regularly ride 14ers though). I live in Boston these days though so I don’t have a unicycle with me (they’re a pain to fly with, and I didn’t think I’d get any riding in!)

Anyhow let me know if this is a possibility!

send me a pm and i will try and help you out.

btw, the big ride has now been moved to wed. the 12th.

Damn, if your date slips a bit more I actually might be able to make it! :slight_smile: Seriously though I’m going to be in the Leadville area to help a buddy of mine through the 100 mile race there August 22nd. I’ll pretty much have all of August 21st free to ride. I’m considering a MUni descent of Mt. Elbert, weather permitting else just a long ride on the Colorado Trail in the area… I don’t want to drive around too much as I do have to pace my friend upwards of 50 miles over night between Saturday night and Sunday morning! So if nothing else, got any advice for a fun Leadville area ride? Care to join me?

Funny you mention that,
some of the uni the 14’rs guys are planning an Elbert descent on the 23’rd. I am hoping to make it.

That is if Mike doesn’t hammer me too bad on the ride tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Nat…hoping you can make it tomorrow too!!


Be sure to post pictures of this ride, I want to see how it turns out, and what I am missing out in CO.

Assuming I don’t go for a 14er descent, what are some other good routes to ride in the Leadville area? If nothing else I’ll go ride the Colorado Trail… Any other good suggestions? Turqoise Lake?