~COLORADO~Hello...i am a new unicycler and i need HELP

  1. Every time i get on my cycle i have to be holding on to something to prop me up-Question how do i mount without a wall?

2.When i peddal my legs make the uni go swervy $ <— like that without the line throo it- Question how do i stop that?

  1. As i ride i allways drift one way resulting in a fall (I ALWAYS drift to the right but for some reason i can do it without falling when i drift left i fall)
    -Question how do i ride for longer why is tha happening?

Thanks for the tips



How long have you been riding. time is useualy the answer. time and lots of practace.

i got it on the 18th but im in las vegas its in Colorado and ive only been rideing for three days 1 1/2 hours a day…

i noticed you live in Alaska that rocks cuz i was born in Anchorage Alaska…Thats cool hows the winter going there?

three days

It took me three days to get past a few feet. I found a hallway about 6 feet wide and I used it to help now after two months of on and off riding I go about a mile each nite. give it a week and wobbeling and swerving won’t be a trouble. as far as drifting evvery one has one side that is stonger that to will pass with time.as far as free mounting watch you tube videos their are some mounting tutorials.

Alaska vs Colorado

I think that we both have the same problem where to ride in the winter. I started with a torker cx and just got a DX hoping it will do better in the snow and so far so good.

Im starting with sun classic 20in and there isnt much snow left in colorado so its easy on us…the five years i lived the from 1995 to 2000 i was only 5 in 2000 buy i can remember EVERY winter was like huge massive snow pilles everywere!

this is of topic but how did u get the picture on there that little guy on the unicycle?

When you are logged in go to user cp on the left hand side of the task bar then when you are in your control panel go to Avitar and just attach any photo it will need to fit the size stated or smaller

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Your welcome

I’m a carpenter so it go without saying that I am a computer Idiot so it is amazing that I could help anyone . your welcome. Mack