Colorado 14ers

Todays MUni run down Highlands Ski Area might have been my all time favorite. Woke up to blue bird skys and fresh powder on the mountain. Temps were in the 20’s F, but that March sun was beaming down brightly. Cold chair ride to the top, but was taking layers off soon after starting down the mountain. The fresh pow on the solid base made for ideal conditions for MUni at 12,600’. Stopped many a place to take it all in and snap some photos. Classic Colorado High Country day, hopefully the rest of you Colorado folks enjoyed it as well.

I will post a couple of pics here for you all to enjoy. Peace.

You are looking at from left to right
-Pyramid Peak 14,014’ 4273 meters
-Maroon Peak 14,156’ 4315 meters
-North Maroon Peak 14,014’ 4272 meters
All have been ski’d in the winter :astonished:

this was taking from our ski patrol headquarters, quite the office huh.

Oh yea?? Well, yesterday, we did muni at 327 feet and the daffodils are blooming. :wink:

Amazing photo.

I will be in the mountains of New Mexico this summer and I am looking forward to being there again.

Very nice, Mike. Have you done any of those ski descents? From the direction of you photo, they all look fairly technical/cliffy.

NO, that it not my style. None of them have been attempte more than a couple times. On North Maroon, they come down that north face in the shadows, I think there are 7 cliff bands they must ski. The line down Pyramid is east facing, that steep open face. All are very techy and high risk. I’ll leave that up to the younger set.

This pic is a well traveled animal route that I stopped at. I think it is squirrel, anyone else know?

Rabbit perhaps? Anyhow awesome country aspenmike. Almost 80 degrees (F) here in the Deep South and a ton of wild-flowers are popping up all around my mountain home.

GS or Slalom turns?

I also thought maybe rabbit, but I think their track is like a snowshoe? Wildflower season sounds pretty sweet, must be beautiful.

Nice turns on that corduroy, Mike.

Mike, you’re a lucky man. You are continually setting new high-water marks and new all-time favorites. Love that photo too!


wow…less than a year and a half till i move to CO…I CANT WAIT!

your pics make me so jealous, and not only of uni, but skiing and snowmobiling too!

How did you get to these places (walk, chairlift, etc.)? Because the last photo is on a groomed run… I was wondering, did you have to get any special permission to ride down a ski resort? Or do you work there/know someone there? Because I think that making a run down a ski mountain would be amazing, especially if it were at a resort with hardpacked runs.