Colorado 14er Muni: Grays Peak

Muni at high altitude is hard. But fun! :smiley:

Pretty cool. Some of the approach hikes on these 14ers is ugly, many miles before you even start climbing. Gray’s and Torrie’s is a good choice. How much of the way up did you ride?

Some of the collegiates would be great for muni down as well.

Nice job Max, good video, pretty solid skills on that big wheel :smiley:

So do you live in Los Alamos now?

I didn’t ride up any because it was dark when we hiked up.

Thanks! I’m in Golden, Colorado for school for this last year then I’ll probably be in Los Alamos for a year.

That looks epic!

Cool video, but I was hoping from the title you were riding 14 inch muni’s… :roll_eyes:



How was the air up there? I bet you had to be a bit more cautious at the top because of the thin air.

Once on a ski trip to Breckenridge I decided to hike the last ~ 500ft of vert from 12,000 for some fresh powder. The traverse over from the lift was fine, but as soon as I started hiking up the gradual hill I had to stop to rest every 3 or 4 steps (I lived near sea level).

Good job!

no brake :astonished:

Very cool! Some great footage. :sunglasses: