Color Scheme?

Currently I have(in the mail) a Yellow and Black Killer Bee muni and am working on getting a Black Knight Trials done.

The Muni:
KH Fusion Yellow saddle
Black Bedford frame with yellow flames
Yellow Alex Rim
Black spokes
Profile Black Cranks
Blac Snafus
Maggie Raceline Brakes

The Trials
Black Miyata air saddle with Kinport
Black seatpos
(Hopefully) Black Nimbus trials frame
Alex rim
Onza cranks/hubset
Jimmy C’s black pedals

Post about your color schemes and pictures of them.

aaaahahahah, you just came up with this topic only so you could get thread #20,000, didn’t you? d:

anyway, my unicycle is pretty boring right now. it’s got
an all black KH seat
orange KH frame
black everything else
except for the pedals which are red Jimmy C.'s

next week, though, I’ll have a silver profile hub/crankset.
and sometime, when I find a place to do it for me that’s within 200 miles, I’m going to powdercoat my frame and maybe some other stuff like the rim and hub and cranks jade. will that be the epitome of swick, or what??

This is obviously only an edited pic of my old muni (the yellow) but it gives you an idea of what my beautiful upgraded muni will soon look like. The seat will be a KH Fusion and the frame will be new, among other things. Oh, and the pedals will be blue Jim C’s which is very exciting because their blue is a beautilful colour and the pedals sound perfect for me.


Andrew, WTH is that on your seatpost tube??? A reflector?

Personally, I like yellow Muni frames. Good choice Catboy

Ohhh, very nice uni’s there guys. I’m very much into colour in my uni quiver. Here’s my MUni and 29’er:

…and a detail of the Midnight Special 29’er:

frame top view.jpg

A cycle computer. The picture was just before a 24hr MTB race so I had it set up for racing.



that 29er is so awesome lookin

o and so is the neon orange muni

Ooh, pretty colors!

I think all the colors look great. It’s nice having a choice of color. Though chrome can’t be beat for durability, it can get boring after a while.

I guess I’ll take this as a time to explain my new avatar (and admit this won’t read as well if/when I next change it). It is a pile of Wilders at the CA MUni Weekend last September. Unfortunately I can’t remember who belongs to each of them, but here’s the rundown.

Red: Me. Black clamp, red/black KH seat, black everything else except for a little chrome and the obvious dirt coloring.

Kelly green: Scott Wallis

Purple: I can’t remember

Root beer brown: Scot Cooper

(bottom) Black: Gilby and/or his dad (Bill Gilbertson)

(left edge) Black w/blue flames: I can’t remember

I take pride in my red Wilder because when I asked for a red one (they were only black), I didn’t realize I’d have to wait many months for Scott Bridgeman to make a batch of red ones. All the other non-black ones in this picture were repainted.

Here’s mine.

KH Fusion seat
KH post
Primos, blue

I would go with a blue and crome

All Black with white bumper for contrast:

Black with yellow strip:

No real scheme on the coker:

The High res versions of these pictures and more can be found in my gallery. / /

My pink summit goes well with my purple shirt.


Wow, and I thought getting a blue rim on my chrome frame was cool, well it is, but these are awesome color schemes.


That muni looks awesome!

Two questions for you;

  1. Is that your real hair?
  2. Is that really a pink Summit?


haha nope. I don’t have an afro or a pink summit, or a purple shirt. Photoshop works wonders! (actually, it would be cool to have a pink summit)


Well, I couldn’t tell. :smiley: Pink nor purple are my colors. shudder And no offense to those with purple cycles at all.

My Trials:
Gunmetal silver onza frame
Black seatpost clamp
chrome profile cranks
chrome profile hub
balck back bumber and kinport front handle
green miyata with chrome edges
black primo tenderizor pedals
chrome spokes
Black Alex DX32 rim no sticker (soon to be arrow racing)