college uni clubs

I am trying to start a college uni club at UC Irvine with Todd(onelesscar) and was seeing if anyone out there is either in one or runs one and could give us some advice on how to get new members, events you ran, and how you supplied unicycles. Anyone in the socal area is welcome to come to our meetings and I will post when I know when they will be.

Ok had anyone been in a college uni club or heard of one or is this the first of its kind?

there is one, i don’t remember who it was that made it or tried to make it, but i know they exist, even if not official
call UDC - they will know everything you seek
1800 unicycle
or call bedford, hes supposed to be cool.

Portland State Muni Club

Is there a juggling or circus society? At Nottingham (UK) where I live and am usually at university, some of the unicyclists are part of Jugglesoc. This is bigger than a unicycling society is and is a proper SU society, so has enough money to buy a few cheap unicycles for people to learn on.

Christchurch (NZ) where I am now has a unicycling society proper which is linked to the university, you could email them (unisoc at hotmail ) and ask how it started,( I just turn up I don’t know about that stuff). The meetings tend to have jugglers at them too as there’s a fair bit of crossover between jugglers and unicyclists in general.


the best way to get new members is to ride around and talk to interested parties. have a place to practice during a specific meeting time each week. and (here’s the biggest thing that helped make the Iowa State club popular) have unicycles people can take home with them for a few weeks(at least) in exchange for paying dues/deposit/whatever. we got funding from the student government for such things at ISU. hope that helped