College Station, Texas UNI ride!

so, finally, we have arranged a ride in texas!!!
college station, TEXAS(don’t mess)
November 20-21 arrangements can be made to ride on the 19th.
meeting on campus, 9:00 AM November 20th…under the albritton Bell tower ??

this will be a be mostly street and trials oriented ride.
all skill levels and styles are welcome (even distance guys)
as of now it is a just for fun ride, but we may do something along the lines of EVERYONE pitches in $5 and it goes to the rider that needs it the most.

as far as arrangements for lodging goes, try your best to find a hotel, but PM me if that is NOT AN OPTION. also, i’ll be looking into it more later and try to find a campsite close by.


I’m going!!! Someone is gonna have to teach skrobo how to ride;)

yeah, i think i need a uni too!!! (actually i’ll have an extra DX to use)
who else is up for it??
it is the Tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving, but the monday is the other day up for grabs, i’ll be there that evening for sure.

so who else is coming/thinking about it

This is what I said in a PM to unislab:

boooo! unicycle>family lol but seriously you should come:)

lol idk about that!!

I’d love to come, but I have classes on those dates, and don’t think I could skip on the 20th especially. I’ll let ya know if anything changes.

Would you guys possibly be up for thanksgiving and/or the day after?

I guess you all have families to spend time with.

I wish I could but theres already been a lot of stuff set in motion if you know what I mean. We are planning on having a spring time get together, so maybe then. Thats too bad man I was looking forward to you coming with:(

no, i can’t on/after thanksgiving.

I may be able to come! However, since I started school…I doubt I can convince my parents let me skip or to drive me to College Station on the 20th as I have school…:frowning: :frowning: I’ll talk to them about it.

If your doing good in school or your parents are just plain cool they should let you. I can’t believe you have school during the week of thanksgiving, thats muy terrible.

I know right!? I was pretty angry when I found that out…However…I do have two weeks at spring break. That’s pretty cool. But yeah, I’m gonna talk to them about it. :smiley:

when are those weeks, if you don’t mind me asking.

When are my sprink break weeks? March 9th - 22nd '08.

bizump…somone else needs to go.

p.s., if your in north tx im giving rides down there. You just have to throw down like 10$ in gas

same for me(south texas), unless ryan goes (not likely at this moment)

Hey I just thought I’d let you guys know that I’m most likely going to head down there on the 19th. I just got done talking with my friend and he’s supposed to be in town earlier then expected so if everything goes as planned we’ll be there.

ok, i’ll be there sometime in the afternoon. :slight_smile: