Collection of unicycle info and measurements...please participate.

I thought it would be good if everyone posted info about their unicycles here so we could collect it and make some sort of table to refer to later. Then if someone asks how much a Summit trials uni with a KH seat weighs or what the distance between bearings is for a Profile hub, we could easily find it. Anyone interested? I think any information would be good but, I guess the main ones are:

  • Mass of a given unicycle. You should try to add any neccessary extra info like whether or not it’s identical to one sold at or whatever.
  • Mass of a hub and crankset / seat / frame, etc.
  • Distance between bearings.
  • Size of bearings.
  • Size of seatpost or ‘neck’ of a frame

I think if everyone participates this could be really useful, so please do.

I’ll get the ball rolling here…

Custom 24" x 3" Muni - 6.5kg (24x3 gazz, miyata seat, profile hub with 145mm cranks, DX-32 rim)
Custom Frame - 910g
Profile Bearings - 1 5/8" x 1/2" or 41mm x 13mm
Miyata Seatpost - 22.4mm dia.
24" x 3" Gazz - 72mm actual width

Please join in,

Muni mass - 6.4kg
5’ Giraffe (with viscount seat) - 7.0kg
The giraffe’s the quite common cheapish one. You know the one.


6 to 9 inches depending on… oh, wait- let me re-read that. Ahh… I think what you want can be found over at Or perhaps it’s not what you want… people rarely actualy say what it is that they want… espcecially when they start off by asking about size and weight…


That’s an excellent site. Thanks for the link, I hadn’t seen all those measurements. I’m still looking for uni masses.


Nimbus 2/yuni
halo combat/suzue/bicyle euro’s
halo contra 24x 3
Atomlab Ballistics Pedals
Velo seat
random QR

Thanks a lot Mark. Come on guys, it’s not that hard! Surely this is a Klaas sort of thread. :slight_smile:

Summit 20" trials
Kris Holm seat(i cut about 4 inches off the seat post since I’m so small)
the rest of it is all just normal summit. says the summit weighs 14.14 LBS. so I guess mine weighs a little less cause i cut the seat post down.