Collaboration Video Preview/Trailer

Me and a few friends are making a Collaboration Video.


Part 1

Isaac Steiner - Ontario

Jordan Barkey - Ontario

Part 2

Antoine L.B

Jerome B.G

But here is a Trailer/Preview



That was cool. I’m suprised you picked that song though.

Damn, people always make these ‘‘trailer’’ videos then never make the actual video :angry:

But lets hope this one gets made :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you…and that music was just for the preview…We will have 2 different songs…

And this will get made…Jordan And I will probably film today…And I will talk to Anotoine.

Was that new Nightwish? If so :frowning:

I like the bails though.

The music was Dragon Force

Ya should be finished next week hopefully. :smiley:

as long as the musics not snoop dog itll be sic-wit-it lol

haha its not

you suck. Dragon force is awsome

I didn’t like it, but it by no means sucks.

I should have known it was Dragon Force, I seen that ridiculous Guitar Hero 3 video of it…

I love that song but I’m sorry I don’t think it worked so well with the video though. On a positive note that was a really cool little video. Nice riding. Looking forward to the final thing :slight_smile:

I was planning to make a video with this song… :angry:

I like how isaac always has a really big variety of music in his videos. I never have a clue what to expect.

DragonForce is pretty good, just didn’t really fit the riding.

release date?

yes i am guessing between wednesday-friday. My friend has a pretty tight hockey schedule so when ever he is not playing hockey we will try to film.:slight_smile:

haha…but are you serious?

Hows it going? how long have you bin riding now?

Yes ummmm well the weather hasnt been the greatest and I havent seen him for a while…I dont know and I havent talked to Antoine recently probably next week now! Sorry…I also got Adobe Premiere sooo i need to learn hot to use it…

Nice work Isaac ! I loved the music…

I don’t know for Antoine, but Jerome is at boarding school and comes back home only on the week end, so that’s the only time he can film.

Can’t wait for the final result !