Collaboration Video - My Part (Isaac Steiner)

Hey everyone. My part is finally finished…Thanks to Adobe Premiere. I will probably film Jordan tommorow and Antoine and Jerome are filming this weekend I think…But here is my part!



Nice video :smiley: I loved the camera angles and the editing… How long did it take you?

That was great. The video quality was great. How’d you get it so good? Nice unicycle. And cool riding. All in all, great video.

NKahler - Thank you. Well I filmed it all in 1 day because all my other footage didnt work. And then edited the same day. :slight_smile:

The.Mars.Volta - Thank you. Yes I dont know…Its just my JVC Camera and Adobe Premiere. But thank you guys. :slight_smile:

I was going to wait till the real thing before watching this but i just couldnt wait. nice rideing too one of your best vids so far:D

Looks like you’ve reduced your prehops and increased your speed and fluidity through lines.

wmv (sp?) always has better resolution than youtube, and similarly, you can maximise it full screen, unlike Quicktime (which otherwise has good res.). Some computers can’t play it though and the gallery seems to be down frequently.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I would put it on youtube but youtube screws it up and makes it look all wonky…it looks stretched out. :frowning:

nice vid man keep it up

i just don’t understand the point to say that it’s a collab vid… you released a single vid with just you in it… i suppose that the other riders mentionned are going to do the same, so where’s the collab vid?

– bobousse

Thank you.

This is my part…there will be my friends parts too soon…Its not going to be all together…its going to be different parts

Nice video.

When you bought that camera, what came in the package? Was it just the camera, or did it come with batteries and tapes and stuff?

Thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The camera came with a battery…and a charger…but not a tape…but those are cheap…and ya…

nice vid.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I was just talking to Antoine and his part will be done this week.


I have watched most of your unicycle videos and I like them all. This is definantley your best yet, you should make more like this!

Make more videos:D

loved the music man…the editin was pretty good 2

Thanks…Ummm I dont know about Jordan because he is sooo busy with Hockey but Antoine will be done by Friday and I dont know about Jerome…But as far as Jordan goes it will be late or he wont be in it.