collab vid - Max and Miles


Both cool! Hey Miles it looks like you’ve grown a lot taller since the last time I say ya!

Good vids!

I liked Max’s a bit more. Good riding, editing, filming, camera angles, and music.

Miles’ was a bit too short IMO and the background was cluttered w/ missilanious stuff.

Liked them!
Especially all the seatwrapish variation stuff. It was sweet.

so were they trailers or full vids? I liked them.

Max had a pretty high hop! I liked both parts.

Well, I kinda had a head start on mine, and also Miles has a busted up knee, so that really didn’t help.

Well, I had started before Miles, and he has a busted up knee, so yeah…

Thanks for the comments guys!

I like

Thanks for all the comments people!

about the length and stuff in the background… My knee has still been a little bit busted up (thus the short flat vid) and so its sort of a trailer for a longer, fuller video i hope to get done in the future.

I also didn’t really feel like going anywhere to film so yeah.

me and max and maybe some other people might do another thing like this.

comon, 100+ views and no more comments?

Miles, that was awsome! Went by pretty fast, but I watched it twice…

Liked the blind unispin into unispin, cool stuff.

That was great! Good kib on the crankflip Miles! And Max that was a high hope…Didnt see alot of great trials lines though…But nice job.