Coldest weather?

What is the coldest weather you have ever ridden in? Shaun and I were out tonight for about three and a half hours. We were practicing in -17 F. Freezing hell - Just curious to see what you guys have.


hmmm. i’ve ridden outside probably around that. no actauly numbers to confirm. ridden on cold nights here in iowa before with tons of snow on the ground. I’d try to beat it but its currently 15F here.

Well it is nothin compared to you but it was 4 degreesF and there was 22 inches of snow on the ground


I’ve been riding in 25-*C , don’t know what that is in F… but the ones who knows. that’s coold.


That’s -13F

Yeah Yo that was cold. Oh well. Ripped like H*ll. Sall good. Can’t wait to do alittle filming tomorrow, hopefully it’s above 10. Well i’m out laters

-20C last year in saskatchewan

hah, uh about 40F, and that was about 15 minutes ago. But then again, I live in Texas and I’ve only been riding for a week.

Someone here (forrestunifreak I think or someone else from Montana) has ridden below -40. I have ridden at about 10 fahrenheit or below. This week it has been between 25 and 15 and I have done quite a bit of riding. I build up a lot of sweat freestyling, so I’m not cold except for my hands which get very cold.

-23C, it’s a quite warm winter so far.

0 Farenheit! And 6 inches of snow!

I use hand warmers in my gloves and dress for downhill skiing!

Piece of cake for a Canuck!


I don’t know what the actual temp was, but the radio reported the high for the day at -11 f. Coldest I’ve ever been out in. Sunny, which only makes it seem colder. Links from that day:

(scroll down on that page)

This one was a full 22 degrees f warmer than those, but still cold:

Lastly, one from Bill Karbo at -25 f!

I live in Texas but I dont ride if it is under 25 degrees

I haven’t ridden in cold weather at all - maybe down to 15F a few times. But Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins have gone out when it’s wicked cold in Toronto. What was the coldest you guys: -35C or so?


I was at -14C earlier today… about 10 degrees American… Wasn’t bad, I wore my ski jacket, normal khaki cargos with 661’s on, elbow pads underneath it all, and a snowboarding helmet. The way home, the uphill part (All of the ride home was uphill) I put my jacket in my backpack, soon followed by my gloves which I replaced with Harbingers… So about 30 min of riding in a sweatshirt with fingerless gloves… and I was sweating by the time I made it to my door :wink:

It was probally more like 35 or 36 below,F,but it was at night when it was a lot colder.And not for very long.

At the end of Toque 2003 its the coldest I’ve ever been. The low temp was -22c or -9F with a 16mph wind that just hurt. I dont know how thoes crazy canadians do it all winter like that.

Yea that was a fun time.

I wasnt sure the actual temp so I looked it up here

The best would be to do it with the 300 club, but ride a unicycle. The 300 club is a growing, elite group of south pole researchers. One of our grad students did a stint at the south pole as a post doc for 18 months and told me about it. It’s actually a dangerous endeavor and probably not encouraged a great deal.

On days when the forecast is for -100F, they set the suana to +200F. They hover around the thermometer as it bounces around until it reaches -100F (if and when it does) and then strip down to shoes only. Then, dash out, circle the pole, and hit the sauna after coming back in.

One well known trick is to do all of the running backwards. Gee, guess why. Anyway, that would be quite a feat on a unicycle.

Greg, I’d love to try that. I have gone from rolling naked in fresh snow (air temp 20F) to 104F water, but -100 to +200 must be insane. If I ever get to the South Pole, you can bet I will have a unicycle with me - but I’m sure it will be in the summer so no -100F.


last year saskatchewan altime low which broke the records was like -55 C im serious it was that cold :smiley: