Cold weather slowing you down?

Sorry to exclude the southern hemisphere uni-ists, but…

Now that the fridgid grip of the winter months has taken hold of most outdoor activities, i find that time being spent unicycling has definitely lowered.

I have noticed that my rolling hops and crank grabs have definitely lost a certain smoothness to them. My hops are not has high as i remember. It seems that either the lack of time spent unicycling or the cold weather itself has definitely halted all progress. I guess getting out and sweating in cold weather had never been my cup of tea.

This being the first winter since i learned to ride, i really don’t know how to deal with the weather. Is this stagnation of progress normal for most? If not, i was wondering what other unicyclists do to combat the weather.

winter has been in and out of VA, but personally, i’ve always functioned better in the cold
i go for more tricks and stuff, whereas in warmer weather i just hang out more

GO MUNIING!! Snow MUniing is sooo much fun, but Trials in the winter is hard and it just makes your fingers cold. And then when there’s a big steep snowy hill, you can start riding down it and get going really fast, and then stop pedalling and slide, IT’S SO AWESOME

well in alaska we know winter riding (thats my pictures) but um i find trials is at a standstill unless you have somewhwere indoor or sneak into buildings but snow and cold offers a whole new form of Muni!!! i was just doing ten foot drops into the snow! you can do crazy stuff and not get hurt as bad and you need a fat tire(~3inches wide)!!! preferablly studded, a local bike shop will stud tires for you! its harder to ride in snow but more fun you can turn really easy.

As soon as I get my 24" Onza, I plan on enjoying our Canadian winter by muniing down ski-hills.

I’m hoping that the Verdun circus school has an indoor gym that’s open to the public. Meanwhile I go riding with a hat under my helmet, a coat and a small pair of gloves.


Yeah it’s getting colder here too, I was out the other day and my hands started getting numb. I work at a carpet place and they have a decent wearhouse that I got permission to ride in, so I think i’ll be there pretty much, I wanna learn to ride backwards sooner or later, so that’ll keep me busy during the winter I hope.

I’m riding about as much as when it was warmer. I just have wear a little bit more clothes now. Not much though. I still do trials. If you’re hands are getting cold, get gloves. Or ride harder and jump around more. I think I’ll be riding every day during winter…

…except for a few days. I got a nasty bruise behind my knee last weekend. It hasn’t hurt at all when riding, but it hurts if I touch it. Yesterday I noticed it has started to look really ugly. There’s sort of a harder spot too, so I think I’ll stop riding for a while and see what happens.

:frowning: In the netherlands, we have normally no snow:( . And if there is snow it is not much. I want to move from the Netherlands. Any sugestions for me:) ( I’am just 16 )


Finland. I have no uni buddies nearby. Move to Tampere.

hmmmm, from the place where i live it is just 300 km for me to cycle on my unicycle to the europian Juggling Convention. But if i go to finland it’s much more:(


Re: Cold weather slowing you down?

Make like a duck and fly South for the winter :wink:


Send some snow down my way! It’s either hot or raining here in Florida.

Based in Holland, you can take trains to loads of places with amazing riding.

Are you seriously thinking about riding to the EJC? That’d be well and truly hardcore.


funny i was gonna post a thread about that today, i’m having that probelm too also it gets dark really soon after i get back from school so i find it hard to find time in the week to unicycle as mcuh as i used to so i make up for it at weekends. A good thing for me is that i go to my uni club on saturday morning whihc is indoors in a village hall so it doesn’t matter if it’s freezing or rainy,

It get’s really dark here between 3 pm to 4pm. And it will keep getting darker even earlier. I just try to find well lit spots. Like school yards and stuf like that.

i don’t know how my weather compares to yours, but here in utah, it gets bloody cold and dark early. but, oddly enough, now that it’s been snowing so much i’ve actually upped my uni activity. on the first BIG snow of the season i went on a 3 hour ride, with a big artificially fuzzy bomber hat (with the little flaps) and my coat, and scarf. i unicycled until my legs started to lock up and i could not feel my feet. when that happened i went to a friends house and got warm in thier front room, i looked like a wet dog. but, i enjoyed it so much, in the following week i logged about 15 hours in the saddle. there must be something about the snow!
but… it’s probably due to insanity


cold will never slow me down

the cold will never slow me do i think it will make me do more as a warm jacket will give me more protection than shorts and t and 661’s but the rain that’s what stops me. i hate it i hate the god dam rain