Cold weather riders- how do you keep your feet warm?

I know there are numerous threads dealing with footwear for unicycling in general, but I’m interested in what others do to keep their feet warm in the cold (esp. 36er riding where wind is a factor). Road cyclists use insulated neoprene booties that go over the shoes, but that works with clipless pedals and they would get torn up with a few UPDs or any amount of walking.

I use a ghetto version with duck tape below, with wool socks +/- toe or foot warmers. But I figure there’s gotta be a better way! My toes get a little numb after an hour of riding but the rest of me is fine. (incidentally one of the best comments I’ve heard lately while riding was when a pedestrian among some of his freinds who were expressing awe at the big wheel said in an ironic tone “nice shoes!” as I rode by)

Warm boots are too heavy and clumsy in my opinion. The coldest I ride my 36er in is the upper teens but I know those coldest Philadelphia days are nothing compared to what some others on this forum ride. So how do you keep your feet warm in the cold?

When I ride in deep snow, I wear hinking boots with thick ski socks. If theres no snow, I wear my normal skaters with normal socks and have icecold toes. For biking I used to have neoprene overshoes but these only work with my shoes for clipless pedals, so no way of using them for muni.

Try neoprene socks, the kind worn inside the shoe.

I wore a pair inside my booties for winter scuba diving and I stayed warm.


Thinsulate pac boots

If I’m on standard pedals I usually use a pair of these if it gets cold.


thinsulate pac boots.jpg

Sidi MTB Diablo

Or I wear these if I’m clipless…


Sidi MTB Diablo.jpg

I ride in the snow covered dh trails almost every other day. I wear 5ten dh high tops. They are great for grip on your pedal. They have a rubberized front toe area that I never get wet. Plus with their ankle padding you never get a scraped ankle. I also wear a ski sock. I run my lower cut 5ten dh shoes in the summer. These shoes are like glue on your pedals.

Foot -> normal white sock -> thick wooly wock -> leather boots :smiley: Makes your feet sweaty even in the snow!

EDIT: And I tuck my pants into my socks too. Yeah I look like a chav, but #1 my pants don’t catch on my cranks and #2 I get some extra warmth!

The newest versions of the 5.10 mtb shoes are supposed to be waterproof and warmer. Add some thick socks and you might have the warmest, grippiest shoes ever! :slight_smile:

Awesome- some good suggestions here. Might be time to retire my beautiful duck tape specials!

Merino socks in 45NRTH Wolvhammer boots! Best combo ever, hot even at -30C! :smiley:

Thin foldable sandwich bags will give you a ten degree bump. Wear them over your socks down by toes inside your shoes.

I find on the mtb sealskinz socks are the only thing that keeps my feet warm. I’ve not been riding uni long or far enough for cold feet to be an issue yet, since I only started a month ago & my longest ride to date is about 200’!


Steger Mukluks. Moosehide and canvas shells over felted wool liners. Never get cold feet again.