Cold Springs Santa Barbara Muni via Taxi

This weekend, we took advantage of the local ghetto taxi service to shuttle up to the top of Cold Springs trail, and descended 3000 feet or so back down into Santa Barbara. The locals list this as an intermediate trail.

cool muni vid, looks like a great trail!


We’re lucky to have an abundance of difficult Muni trails here in Socal. This was a 1/2 hour shuttle for 4 hours of riding.

Tight trail. I wish I had some junk like that around here.

Great video, and nice riding. Some of the pieces looked quite tricky and steep. Loved the Prodigy song, mostly because I was listening to Prodigy at the time as well :slight_smile:

Nice, Puny! You make me miss SB! Did you guys try contacting the locals before you went? They would have shown you some crazy skills they learned on that very trail. I hear they could use a good excuse to get back out anyway. Here in Albuquerque, it’s been taking longer than expected to find some challenging single tracks.

Nice. That used to be one of my favorite trails till some jackass machined down much of the rad DH stuff below the stream crossing. Many hours of pleasure on that one. Great to see others on it.

In 2004, we rode Cold Springs as our main ride for Cal. Muni Weekend, and it got about 150 degrees on that baby. That was a tough group - no complaining.


nice one guys. Looks like a great trail. The more videos i see from California the more i want to go over there to ride them! There might be a world Muni tour in the works for me in the next few years and i dare say it would be on the list (if not for the trails the sheer number of other uni riders who live there)