Cold Parade

Hi all, Yesterday (Saturday night) our club (Twin City Unicycle Club of
Minnesota) we did the Winter Carnival torchlight parade. Here in the frozen
tundra people tend to forget that it gets cold outside in the middle of winter.
The winter carinval is a weeklong event with thousands coming out to see the
parade (at many places the people were five or six deep). We had a good showing
for our club, above 40. Since it didn’t snow for the last couple days we had
plenty of tall unicycles. Since it is a night time parade we put battery powered
Christmas lights in our wheels and up and down our pants. Having lights inside
the wheel of a unicycle looks very nice. Well anyways, the temperature was 6 F
with a wind chill down to -10 F. Since I was on a 8 foot uni I didn’t get much
protection from the wind. My feet got a bit cold but that was about it. Nobody
in our club got frostbite and it looked like they all had a good time.

Does anybody else have good story where they are unicycling in elements that
isn’t normal?


Andy Cotter

Re: Cold Parade (AC) writes:

AC> (at many places the people were five or six deep).

That must have made balancing difficult. Did they squirm much?