Cold and rainy Muni!

Hello everyone!

I was raining badly last sunday, it was cold, I had nothing to do. I decided I should go out and try my Gopro in wet and cold condition! So that’s a little video from the riding around my place, it’s a fun and fast single track trail that starts about 500 meters from my door. Nothing crazy, just nice single track trails!:slight_smile:


Nice little ride, chuckled at the ducking under the branch as I have knocked myself off just like that a few times :stuck_out_tongue:

Some neat camera angles there.

Sounds as though you stole some music from Shug’s audio library. :smiley:

Thanks for the comments! I never managed to get under that tree with my camelbak, but it’s possible without it :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the camera angle, I still think I need a tripod for my GoPro, it’s always shot from the ground or a rock. I’m glad it looks good though :slight_smile:

My friend sent me that song and bet I wouldn’t use it. I like it! :slight_smile: