Colby Thomas - Winter

omg! it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall okay quality video. I couldn’t really enjoy the edit if you put time/effort into that because of the song.

And am I the only one who thinks the way you do fakie (spin)tricks looks really bad? They look horrible when you ride backward seat in, stop, take the seat out, and do the trick.

Duuuude! :heart: So sick! Thanks for putting in my name at the end too. I liked the film/edit/music, imo it doesn’t matter that much if a song has already been used, if the mood of the video fits with it and it’s not a terrible song I don’t care. And of course the tricks were amazing.

Maybe it would’ve looked better riding fakie seat out first, but really, he lands a fakie fifthdub and other crazy fakie stuff and all you comment on is the runup that’s a little sketchy??

Thanks Julia :slight_smile: Have fun at EUC!!

i like that clip with the birds and the transition to the UTV-animation.
There were some sick tricks in it, but they were a bit too sketchy imo.
For your next video: try to get your tricks cleaner and get a cameraman ;D


Awesome Colby, I really liked this. Thanks for putting my name at the end too.
If you just landed your tricks cleaner that would put so much more style into your videos. :slight_smile:

And how many views would Max’s NAUCC vid have got if it was on UTV? It’s better to have vids on youtube/vimeo so non unicyclists are more likely to see them. My guess is that UTV is mainly used by unicyclists. So as I said, put link to UTV on youtube, put UTV logo in video, problem solved.

Just watched the vid. I liked it, didn’t really have a problem with the sketchy shit. Sure clean riding’s nice but when you’re throwing massive tricks like you are it’s pretty damn insane whether clean or not. A trick like a 360 may as well be left out of vid if it’s not clean though.

And the music… There’s so much good music out there that there’s no need to reuse songs.

But keep throwing down like you are and I’ll enjoy watching.