Colby Thomas - Winter

Nothing too big but just some fun riding before the snow fell! BIG thanks to UTV for all of support they’ve given me!


Comment if ya like!

-Colby Thomas

Awesome dude, I really liked it. Treyquads ^^

your face was priceless hahaha

Dood and your KH rim… how is that thing still alive?! haha i can see how bent it is just from watching your video :astonished:

loved the treyquad to!

Keep up all the hard work!

UTV isn’t working for me right now. All I get is audio, and I have to ask: Why would you use that song? Tom Pec’s Spirit is classic…

treyquad was sickk! Do you always have run-ins with the police haha? you always got them in your video

Before anyone else asks… Youtube please?

I think dan cowling has used it too :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, I love it. the treyquads were very clean =)

same problem.

crazy tricks!! your flips are amazing :astonished:

Thanks guys!

I’d rather have it get fixed on UTV before posting it to youtube or vimeo for obvious reasons.

All I can suggest for now is to download the videos. It’s only 77 megabytes and you can delete it after you watch it.

Thanks for the comments though! The treyquads took me a while but it was worth it when I got them :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t work for me either.

Hey y’all the link is working :smiley: Thanks Olaf!!

yeah… it still isn’t. It is just a black screen with the audio/music.

Same here…

Still youtube please? Why does it matter where people watch it? Put a link to UTV on your youtube video and way more people will look at UTV if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

Me too…

Ok, sorry for the trouble with that video, finally there is a version online that work fine with picture and sound :smiley:
Download will work now also again, it cant work cause we changed file from .mov to .mp4.

watch: ColbyThomas-Winter
get it:

We actually start work on a relaunch of utv but it is a lot of work and as we all have also a “normal” live and job it will need some month before it is ready. We will implement a lot of ideas people provide here to make it much more easy for all to use utv and also to use maybe embeded files.

About Youtube you should know that here in Europe and especially in germany a lot of videos dont work cause of music rights. So here people are happy to have it on utv.
However, it should now work fine and also Colby will upload it soon to vimeo to make it also availiable for those who have trouble to run utv for what reason ever.

Yep :slight_smile: I have it privated on vimeo for now.

all your tricks are really really crazy, too bad none of them are clean…
i would like to see some creative tricks from you :slight_smile:

Because They want more people to go and check out their website, maybe buy stuff etc. As Colby is Sponsored by UTV, as part of that deal i’m sure he has to help promote them, so this is one way of doing that. I think more people would go to UTV to watch his video, if only that link is avaliable.