Colby Thomas Sponsorship Request -UTV

Enjoy :smiley:

I’m lovin the final edit. :smiley: Bails were nice.

no words, only daaaa
and a CHICHO hahaha :smiley:
sick video!!

I LOVE this video! :smiley: The riding and music is great! Our sport is progressing soooooo fast.

cant say i liked the music. rather irritating actually. pretty big grind! im being really picky in saying that u couldve grinded more of it but u still landed it fairly cleanly nevertheless. u put in ur failed quad down the 6? u didnt even try to land it, ur foot was hanging out the whole way lol.

uve got some pretty techy stuff going on. pretty crazy

My fave clip was the trey(double, triple?) down the gap over the water. It just looked nice and was really clean. The other tricks were impressive but not so nice to watch.

Nice video! liked the slo mo stuff, i thought it suited the song quite nicely in my opinion. Inparticular the fifth triple, how many other people have landed that?

very good vid but the bails are great!

F@*! Big tricks all around! fifthtriple, treytriple, quads and everything. I have no idea how you have become this good. What length are your cranks? How long do you practice everday?



yeah, i reckon the fifth triple was the best :smiley:

Nice editing awsome riding I enjoyed watching it.

Maybe try to upload it on UTV. Uploading it on youtube is like trying to get a porsche sponsorship with a video showing your skills with a bmw car.

good look with the utv team.

Yeah Colby, I’d say this is my favorite video by you. The riding is top notch, and the editing is fast paced and perfectly compliments your skills IMO. I liked that it started with the flip line, and ended with the huge tricks hahaha.

Best of luck with the sponsorship, bro.

awesome man, i love it! your a great rider and i feel like saying you have great potential, although true doesn’t give you enough credit. you’ve got mad skills dude!

only thing your lacking…style

How do you have/get style? Isn’t it just natural? I don’t know how to have style, you just have to be born with it or something.

Hey thanks everybody,

Glad some of you liked it, sorry for the song choice to those who didn’t. I’ll try to find a better one for my next video.

Chris, yeah that was a treytriple, thanks :slight_smile: I’m going back to treysidetriple it soon.

Isaac, I’m gonna hit a seven stair handrail front foot this weekend, hopefully my grinds will clean themselves up.

Dan, sorry for no style y’know? Gotta work on that. I have to agree with Brandon though that style nowadays is hard to have unless it comes naturally. I’ll def work on that though.

Thanks for the opinions guys! Wish me luck!

edit: as for fifthtriples, I think I’m first.

some crazy shit, you did there colby :stuck_out_tongue: fifth3 was the sickest.

also very clean, most of the time :wink:

I liked the music, it’s different to the “usual” uni-video-music, but that’s why i like it.

You did a big step in editing:) i really enjoyed it in this vid.
I was just missing some nice filming :roll_eyes:

Keep on riding.

-Raphael ;D

Loved it bro! The edit was really good! fifth triple blew my mind! trey trips are your signature i think haha nice video!

Huge tricks the whole time. I think the fifthtriple was the best. Cool edit and amazing riding. I liked watching it.