Colby Thomas - Hoppipolla

Some of my more recent riding. Enjoy (:

I enjoyed that so much! This video had a really nice feel to it, and the riding was insane! Huge flips! And the hand-in-pocket outfifthside was awesome!

Awesome Colby! Your street is so cool to watch with all those big tricks and sick grinds! I love it.:slight_smile:

Pleas make Youtube or Vimeo link! UTV won’t work :frowning:

Youtube or Vimeo please!

Very rocking man. Dig the video. Thought it was great you even caught your headphones after your flip.

Crazy riding dude (as always)! Quintflip was sick!! Your grinds are also pretty massive.
Didn’t you ride Moments, M4O and Asym? If I’m right, you got a pretty sick stock of cranks :stuck_out_tongue:

that was awesome. :slight_smile: your big flip tricks amaze me so much. cant comprehend it. a year or so ago you made a video of 50 trey flips and they were all like only just flipping now your fifth tripple, sej, one handed out fifth side flipping etc…crazy man

:open_mouth: COLBY!!
This entire video was crazy! The first fifthtriple was the cleanest thing I’ve ever seen. I love how your busting all these huge tricks sooo smooth. 1:20 was unexpected, I didn’t know you could catch flips :stuck_out_tongue: 5flip was ridiculous, and full flipped as well :open_mouth: Gotta say though, my favorite clip had to be 2:15. Cleanest grind I’ve ever seen, perfectly balanced and nailed the kink too. Oh, fulloutbackside and outfifth were beautiful as well :smiley:

I liked the grinds :smiley: and the nicely caught flip, jump over the net. I’m pretty sure you once told me you were close to fullout backside flip down a 3 or 4, 5 or something??? Was that a joke? :stuck_out_tongue: