Colby Salsbery and Jarin Erickson (trials)

me and colby decided to make a video to push some of the stuff we have been working on to get ready for naucc. this is how it turned out. enjoy…

Awesome! I liked the parts on the car the most.

Loved it, the stillstand thing at the beggining was cool!
The stuff on the car was crazy, don’t you damage the car? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha the car, aka Frank T. Trialscar, died about a month ago. we keep him around to play on though. so if anyone is in utah and wants to hit up some car trials let me know.

When Colby roles in at 2:16, I didn’t think he was wearing any pants haha.

Neat video.

I thought the same thing about the car… then at 1:48 when you can see the obvious indentations, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

Nice vid.