Colbert Report .....Unicyclists....

…The Enemy Within!
I thought this was pretty funny…some of you may not. :astonished:
It is satire of the one-wheeled variety.—unicyclists

It’s been posted already :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s worth all of the threads!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reckon I missed it in my lackadaisical presence of late.

I got a good chuckle from it…plus the hero is a Ginger!
I got yelled at in NYC a couple times on my uni but not by the guy who looks to be wearing mascara))))))

WTF that was dumb

Yeah, it inspired me to go out and find a unicycle. I actually posted it under the videos section a bit earlier but the more the merrier. I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad publicity for unicycles. As I said, I was inspired.

Sorta, kinda.

Now that is a right goodie)))
Who woulda thunk. You must be an anarchist.
Whoooo Buddy.

Is anyone else wondering why the city is bing sued. Wouldn’t avoiding all recognition of unicycles avoid laws that would disfavor the rights of unicycles? Maybe from NYC can enlighten me.

Yeah but lots of people in NYC like to yell at each other.

That may or may not be true… hard to tell.
Folks want unicycles to be mainstream…this kind of regulatory stuff will follow.
Just my 2¢.

It is a yelling town but it really means nothing. Here in Minnesota folks are rattled by horn-blowing and yelling.
I have to ask dog owners to pick up their dogs poop in a calm, firm voice and I always have a baggie for them. Then they start to get all flustered. In NYC you yell and move on…much preferred by me.

See here:

Of the several threads about this video, this one seems to be closest to being focused on the legal part of the issue.

I don’t believe the plaintiff wants new laws to be created to define where he’s allowed to ride. If I understand correctly, the city is being sued for continually ticketing him for riding a unicycle. The law (in NYC) does not cover unicycles, so he probably has a case.

Or not, since the law doesn’t cover unicycles. So maybe he has no legal standing, and has to stop riding when asked by law enforcement. It’s the whole “skateboarding is not a crime” thing.

It’s getting lots of press because Peterson has been pushing it. Good for him! Attention for unicyclists! People are going to think of us as frivolous wierdoes regardless, but as you can see, it’s inspired at least one person to take up unicycling.

In one of the other threads, someone asked why it was dangerous for unicycles to ride on the sidewalk? Same reason it is for bikes or skateboards. When you mix traffic of different speeds, the chances of collision go way up.

And pedestrians don’t flow like bicycles. They change direction without warning, don’t pay attention to their surroundings (well, maybe they do in NYC), and when surprised, tend to jump directly in front of the approaching unicycle. I see it all the time. So even riding slow on a sidewalk will be about twice as fast as pedestrian speed, and that’s on a 20".

Today I just did a long ride on the bike path, averaging over 14mph. Way too fast for a sidewalk. I’m a unicycle. Another guy is just learning to ride. A pedestrian will startle him, he’ll UPD and his uni will shoot out and nail an old lady in the shin. Or a stroller. Neither of us belongs on a sidewalk. We are unicyclists.

So passing laws about unicycles will carry an assumption, true or not, that we’re out of control. Most of us aren’t, but anyone who’s never been on one will. It’s kind of like cars; some people drive fine, but others are a menace. But at least the drivers are licensed…

So I still go by the general rule that we should abide by the rules/laws for bicycles, within sensible reason. We don’t need brakes. But maybe we should have lights or reflectors if we’re going to ride in traffic?

Yeah, but what about a performer like Peterson, on a giraffe with a 20" wheel? He’s still in the middle. He doesn’t belong in the street with the cars (esp. in Manhattan). My advice to him is to avoid legislation about unicycles, and avoid riding around cops. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I thought the video was great. Leave it to Colbert to always leave you wondering how much of that stuff is real, and how much is trumped-up nonsense? I guess the lesson there is to apply the same skepticism when watching any TV news.

It’s an interesting topic to be sure. With this case, I think there are questions related to the amount of time they spent questioning him, and the complaint of mockery. This is unprofessional and does merit attention.

With the small increase in unicyclists in my city, I’ve noticed we’re entering the “skateboard is not a crime” phase for sure too. Unicycles are still foreign objects, and someone with out experience of any kind would think that they are extremely dangerous. Just think of all the comments we receive when we’re out riding.

I’ve learned that courteous behavior is critical. I don’t ride on crosswalks, I get off and walk. I give a wide distance when passing a pedestrian, or I get off and walk around. Yet, I don’t expect every rider to do that, that’s just what I do. Laws tend to be somewhat general as there is the individuals behavior to consider as well. We’ve all seen bad cyclists, drivers, even pedestrians. It isn’t the object in use that’s the issue, it’s how it’s being used.

I do like the model that is in some places in Europe where instead of banning a device from the sidewalk, it’s based on speeds. Under a certain speed, any object is allowed on the sidewalk. Over a certain speed and you’re on the road (or cycle path etc.) Would I take my 7 year old son on his bike on a major road instead of the sidewalk because that the law? Absolutely not, but I would never ride on a sidewalk on my road bike either.

With energy prices skyrocketing all over the world, people are going to start using more human powered objects for transportation when they can. And of course they are fun too :D, so hopefully North American society will start adapting effectively…

This leads me to a question. Now that the Kitchener Unicycle Club is showing some active members, and the laws here don’t cover unicycles, should I A) go to a police liaison and discuss how the club is developing or B) not worry about it unless needed? Obviously I’d rather avoid a governmental knee jerk reaction, but I also don’t want to inadvertently cause one.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I ride close when passing people just to hear their reactions. Never closer than arms reach though, tourists like to swing their arms around a lot, and I could get clotheslined.

That sounds like the most logical approach for unicycles (but only if legislation is deemed necessary!). Though what’s really needed is common sense for people to ride appropriately, such a law might help people to determine where they should be riding, and where it’s considered most safe. And as always, beginner riders who still shoot the uni out should not be riding around pedestrians.

Side note: All these cops and public officials are spooked about what could happen in a unicycle-pedestrian collision. For the most part, none have ever heard of one, let alone seen one. Traffic laws are usually drafted with the aid of established statistics about accidents, injuries and other existing facts to back them up. In this case there are none.

It’s a valid question to ask when in the situation. When’s the last time one of these supposed accidents happened? Oh, never? I agree I would not like to hear of one either, and am relieved to know this is not already a problem. I have no intentions of being first, and will do everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t happen. That might be a good conversation to have with a “reasonable” officer or public official. If they just want to ticket you, just keep saying ‘Yes sir.’

I’ve been hearing this for years. True as it is, it would be nice to see it actually happen beyond the 1% level. Cycle commuting can be very effective in urban areas where commutes are short, but unfortunately is still not realistic for people who don’t live near work. As a reminder to myself, I live within 12 minutes by unicycle, and need to ride to work a lot more often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any sources that don’t require flash?

I wish I could see this… not availible here

I’m sorry…I just don’t know if there is or not.

I posted the video on YouTube but it was taken down…