What are coker uni’s used for? What is good Muni? I more into trial and freestyle riding, but I might start Muni.

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Opening bottles of Coca Cola. They were originally just a marketing stunt, but now built-in bottle openers are common on unicycles. Torker is coming out with a unicycle that opens twist-off caps.

The trend is moving to bicycles, too. Surly is selling a line of fixed gear bikes with built-in bottle openers in the rear fork ends. Campagnolo has been trying for years to integrate a corkscrew into their brake levers, however product safety concerns keep this just an R&D effort.

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Cokers are not normally used for Muni.
They are used to humble those who think they can free-mount anything. :smiley: --chirokid–

Best use for a Coker

I believe that Cokers are best used for unitouring.


Cokers can be used off-road, but take a bit of work to control.

i have a coker

correction, cokers are for those who think they can IDLE anything. i like to seat out hop and one foot my coker, but it is really used for going fast and travelling. i can go about 12mph on mine. they are definitely a uni to have in your collection.

Cokers are used to make mechanics humble and frustrated.

Cokers are mobile launch platforms! Today I was going down a steep muddy downhill single track trail when I hit a small log that was hiding under the leaves, the bounce sent me flying into the air. After awhile I was thinking “hey shouldn’t I be on the ground about now”. It felt like being in a cartoon where gravity doesn’t kick in till you look down.

Happy flying.

Cokers are for:
Making my 24x3 MUni and my 28" uni look like toys by comparision

3 unis.jpg

I’m afraid bottle openers on bikes have been around for some time.
I forget which company but I remember someone posting here a while ago with a photo of a mtb’s headstem which contained a bottle opener…

The BMX stem that doubles as a bottle opener was mentioned in my amazing thread about my Aircorps opening a bottle of root beer.

Cokers are for going out for an hour’s ride and doing well over 12 miles.

Cokers are for riding 50 miles or more in a day.

Cokers are for riding through the woods or along the river bank with miles and miles between UPDs.

Cokers are for cruising along single track on autopilot while you change your top and put it in your rucksack, then search for something to eat, have drink of water, then suddenly realise what you’re doing.

Cokers will go off road and enjoy it.

Cokers are for maxing out at bicycle speeds then launching you into orbit.

They’re jolly spiffing actually.

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